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  • They have some serious issues.
  • I pity them, they obviously have no self asteam.
  • Yea dont marry someone is PRISON they could be in there for MURDER or something holy cow!
  • I feel pretty bad for them. Clearly they've got some issues if that's the best they think they can do.
  • I think that they have probably learned the art of forgiveness. Perhaps they see something in the men that others fail to see because they are so focused on the wrongs the person has done. I know a lot of you might disagree with me, but personally, I am not in their situation. I know that if my boyfriend ever went to prison, I would still love him. Does that make me a bad person?
  • They want a "captive" audience. They think they'll never have to worry about him being out all night with another woman, or going somewhere without them. They are sadly mistaken, however. I used to visit someone in prison, and many's the time that an inmate's wife or girlfriend would come to visit him, and the guards couldn't let her in because he was alrady being visited by another woman!
  • Delusional would be a good term to use to describe these kind of women or brain dead.
  • love knows boundaries I guess
  • They are wonderful women, sometimes saints.
  • They are creepy, delusional, and stupid. Who wants to marry a thug, rapist, murderer, thief, or child molestor? Raise your hands. NASTY!
  • Unfortunate.
  • I would say its about the poorest judgement a woman can have- there's something really wrong with a woman like that.
  • i think they are little girls at heart who just want to save these men,well they think they can or they want the bad bad boy image they think they are being woman, but real woman knows that there is no happy ending. Here in New Zealand the law is that you can marry a life prisoner, but you can only visit him once, wheres the incentive in that...hmmm, and i wouldnt touch any man whos been in prison
  • I feel they have lost their self worth and a lot of them choose that way , in order to not have a confining relationship , they can still do as they please on the outside , while the person is in prison , I read about this in a report
  • i would agree with most of the answers here, however, i know a couple who met in this fashion late in life, and they have a wonderful, solid relationship. great people, glad to know them.
  • We largely define ourselves through our relationships and once we fix our affections on someone certainly prison walls are no barrier to them.
  • Badboys (the badder the better!) are to women, what the ever elusive NAWALT is to men. The summum bonum, and holy grail of both sexes.

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