• I found your question three times, Lisa, and have flagged all of them except this one: so it can still be used. AB Staff will ultimately label the question for you but I thought this would work as a temporary fix, OK? Hope this helps.
  • If he left the state with all your money, perhaps consulting with Legal Aide can help. They either do not charge for advice or they charge on a sliding scale; I'm not sure which.
  • Lisa, the answers I mentioned flagging as duplicates for your were MERGED, which is why the same response is shown twice on the question (Staff brings all the answers from deplicates and puts them altogether in just one). I've made corrections where I could :)
  • lisa don't junk it, take it down and find someone who is homeless they might be able to use the stuff..just keep any paper work or stuff like that, you could cover your self by taking out a small advert in the paper stating that 7days from this date(its up to you) said possessions of(insert name) will be disposed of this should cover you legally ...:)
  • I agree with buxtonite. put and ad in the paper, and then after no response, donate it to Goodwill or the Salavation Army or a homeless shelter. There's a local place here I donate to that is for a women's shelter.
  • In most states personal property is considered abandoned after it has been left unclaimed for a specific period of time which varies greatly by state. You should consult an attorney to see what the specific steps are that you should take before you do anything with the property. If you dispose of it illegally, and if you ex decides to pursue it, you know the items will suddenly become family heirlooms that are worth who knows how much. Save yourself the headache and do it right. It is good that you asked the question.
  • I have to say I agree with Superman. There are usally some type of legal limitations on personal items. You do not want to find yourself in hot water with the law. Do yourself the favor. Maybe try calling the local police department, and asking them how this situation should be handled.

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