• The reasons,I think,why they are doing so it to possibly save lives.There are many people addicted to the unhealthy and deadly habit of eating at these places.In LA the school board banned junk food machines in the schools,which is a good thing.I don't agree with banning people from restaurants ,though proper education on proper eating is needed badly.With so many resources obesity should not be an issue.
  • There should be a bill passed prohibiting lawmakers from proposing stupid legislation like this!
  • In Massachusetts our paragons of public virtue recently have tried to ban; spanking, tobacco, trans fat, tasers for the police, light brights and breast feeding! old miss I feel your pain!
  • 1) Who decides what "fat" is? Are they going to weight everyone who goes through the door? 2) Think Benjamin Franklin would think this were legal? 3) Think they're trying to do this to create publicity on the "obesity epidemic"?
  • Wow. That's a little too extreme. What next? Banning skinny people from gyms?
  • funny how these morons love to kick the shit out of the little people instead of banning the additives and preservatives that is causing most of the know big business...oh sorry they must not do that must they
  • It'll never survive a court challenge.
  • This sounds like the most hilarious joke of this century.Words fail me bad when it comes to respond something so stupid.I just hope slim people put there heads together to never eat in anyone this facilites so they could go broke :-)Problem solved.
  • I wonder what they think this will do. If fat people can't eat at a restaurant, will that make them lose weight? No, it won't. Will it make people feel better not seeing overweight people in restaurants? No, because very few people care how fat someone at another table is. Will this increase discrimination against the overweight due to lack of exposure? Yup.
  • i know people who are just the right weight and are more unhealthy than me and i'm overweight. just because someone is overweight does not mean they are unhealthy. banning people from places just because of looks is wrong...its like banning blacks from resturants its not right its called racist...fat isnt just an insult anymore its a race apparently.
  • Perhaps we can make them set in the back of the bus and use different water fountains also. Now that progress!
  • Oh, lets also ban poor people from casino's and shopping malls; Alcoholics from liquor stores; Smokers from all places selling cigs; Overly thin people from gyms. If we keep think I am sure we can come up with more laws like this that will truly make society much better.
  • I think this is such a bad behaviour. Being overweight is both a result of mental and physical problems. There is something called 'emotional eating' (eating when sad/bored..) so the problem should be dealt psychologically first. Instead of a banning attitute, there should be communities built to promote healthy diet plans, hobbies rather than food, and help them gain nutrition discipline. Banning is the easiest way but not the cure! Banning will promote even more unhealthy eating due to its negative effects on emotions and feelings.
  • YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE fast food! It's bad, bad, bad!!
  • That is assine! How much control do we want to give our government. I dont need the government(who screws up 90% of what they do)telling me what to do with my own body.
  • OMG!!! I've never heard of such a thing. Who elects these politicians?

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