• You beat her to the punch, keep going back to HER, and telling her what you did. Trust me on'll stop.
  • Pretty much just do what LAPD said- if she's doing it as a joke in relatively poor humor, just repeat the joke back, ad nauseum. She told you to go wax the cat. You tell her you already did it. Ask her what's next. She tells you to wax the cat. You tell her you already did it. Ask her what's next. Take up her time just as much as she's wasting yours. Or, depending your company's structure, tell her that if she continues to waste the company's resources by paying you to do her mindless tasks, you can always let her boss know about her "brilliant management style." Then, follow through if need be.
  • Do it really badly so she never asks you to do it again. That works with the washing and ironing anyway!
  • keep doing it,she is testing your resolve.avoid any complaints,the moment a higher position becomes available,apply for it.there is a good chance someday you will be her boss.
  • Sounds like your boss is a little obsessive compulsive. I had a boss that way once. Very nice guy but he was obsessive. Also he couldn't prioritize--one thing was equally important to anything else.
  • you dont, not if shes your boss
  • Why are they telling you to do it over? Are you doing the job well? Does it need to be done more often? There are a lot of factors involved here.

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