• A painting i made that my dad hung up in his office :)
  • when i sold a pastel drawing i did when i was about 16
  • A little yellow pot that was picked for a school show.I still have it:)
  • I used to make them braided friendship bracelets. I was proud at the time but now I realize how un-original I truly was.
  • I think mostly everything...but the longer I stared at it and admired it, the more I hated it...Being a perfectionist, I couldn't (and still haven't) found much that I'm truly proud of. Congratulate her for me okay?!
  • Thank you so much for this question. It brings to mind my absolute favorite story of my growing up years. In junior high school, I entered a piece of pottery I'd made in a town-wide contest. I was the only entrant in the 18 and under division. I could taste that 1st place blue ribbon. ... Imagine my surprise when I won second. :)
  • Jewelry making class, almost all my peices of jewelry were displayed in the glass case next to the room. Only one that didnt get displayed was a ring i melted down cause i fucked it up after it got graded.
  • My friend and I dug up some clay and made animal sculptures. We let them dry but when I went to her house to pick them up she had destroyed them..nice friend, eh? I should remind her of that now I am back in touch with her..second thought I won't.
  • This is a lovely question and you are a lovely daddy.
  • In second grade I wrote a comic strip about moonsters. (monsters who live on the moon) My teacher put them up on the bulletin board for every one to read. I loved writing them. In third grade my teacher said the comic strips were gibberish and a waste of time. I never wrote another one after that. Stupid isn't it?
  • An abstract limestone sculpture or the pencil drawing of the light reflections of a glass jar.

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