• Yep, as long as it doesn't jump into bed with me. They're supposed to be good luck so don't kill it. :)
  • Their noise drives me crazy.
  • I sleep with ear plugs and a snoring husband so I can sleep with an entire cricket team in my house.
  • yes i can if i am tired enough to sleep anyways, i have insomnia so i don't sleep much, but when i do not even crickets bother me lol
  • NO, idne, I really can't. I have to find it. For so many reasons... The noise, just knowing that it's in my house freaks me out. I don't want it to reproduce, or call to other friendly crickets to come in! I just wouldn't be able to sleep. Great question!!
  • If it's a mute cricket, yeah. Or a dead cricket, yeah. Or a cricket with a good beat, yeah. Otherwise, no.
  • I agree it's got to be one of the most annoying noises when your trying to sleep, and I'm sure my tune would be different another time of the year. But I honestly would enjoy the sound right now over this lousy winter weather that has all of them dormant round these parts. Try sleeping where me and my posse used to camp once a year, the sound of loud croaking frogs is deafening at a certain time of night.A mild alcohol induced coma can be just the ticket to lala land.
  • I'm a light sleeper and have problems with insomnia all of the time....that would drive me nuts! I already have at least 2 of our 5 cats that wake me up more than once during the night!
  • Well... I'm on the 14th floor, the chances of the thing making it up here alive into my bedroom would be a miracle. However, if that WOULD ever happen I'd probably care less - I usually just listen to music before I go to bed (headphones) so the thing can chirp all it wants. It'll eventually give up. Oh...and no, I don't sleep with the music on all night - it does turn off after 30 mins or so lol :) Do you think there's a difference between a city-cricket and a country-cricket? Harlekkin
  • No! I have to get up and hunt that sucker down! (though I'll admit if I catch it I usually just put it outside!)
  • Crickets are just one more nature sound I enjoy hearing. I can sleep with them and even during the height of Spring Peepers! Now, THOSE are deafening!
  • I could sleep if there was a tornado in my house. I fell asleep while my plane was taxiing down the runway for takeoff a few weeks ago. I was camping in a tent with friends once and it stormed, flooding our tent with 2-3 inches of water and I was lying in the water sleeping. And I hadn't even had anything to drink.
  • In the summer time. I'll just trade that cricket places. I'll sleep out side & put up with the tree frogs.
  • lol, I sure can. Atleast it's not as loud as my mom's snoring. :D
  • I can't sleep with a cricket in any house, anywhere. The thought is just too harrowing.

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