• honestly, there is no explanation for them, that is unless you believe what the scientists "theorize". so basically, you can't do anything to stop 'em. just remember, they aren't real. ^_^
  • Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
  • Sleep near a graveyard. Seriously, I've spent the night at my cousin's house loads of times and had a good night's sleep everytime. Their house is right next to a graveyard.
  • get a dreamcatcher? Try thinking of pleasent things before you go to sleep, maybe some calming music?
  • You more you *try* to prevent them, the more attention you are putting on them, so the more you'll have them. Think on pleasant things before sleep, so THOSE thoughts will seep into your subconscious, (where dreams come from).
  • listen to classical or calming music before you go to bed.. i've been doing this and its helped with my nightmares.. also sometimes, nightmares are caused by stress or problems in your life, so try helping and figuring out these problems to relax and get a good nights sleep :D
  • I haven't had a real nightmare in quite some time, but I do notice everyday events like work, news and TV movies/programs creeping into my dreams....
  • dont sleep does it everytime.
  • I hardly ever sleep and when I do I may have a "bad" dream. Not really classified as a nightmare.
  • I have Angels watching over me. I have read that wearing a garnet or placing one close to us will also help to channel the nightmares bad energy into one of good.
  • Watch the sound of music =)
  • Personally I have found avoiding sleeping works like a charm :)
  • one way is to switch to sleeping with your head at the foot of the bed. reverse your sleeping position. it worked for me.
  • i was having such bad series of nightmares at one point of my life.. every night i just prayed and said "no more nightmares" repeatedly.. tried not to fall asleep.. and then i became nightmare free for nearly a decade. i don't know how it worked.. i guess i was just so determined to end it
  • it has been said that the VERY last thing that you think about is what your dream about. So try and keep your mind focused on something good and fall asleep.
  • If you have the habit of eating before sleep, then that would be a good idea to change that. Digesting while sleeping affects the state that your brain is trying to get itself into because of the working stomach, and thus screws everything up. Also, I don't know how true this can possibly be, if someone knows tell me? But falling asleep while laying on your back is said to initiate nightmares, as opposed to falling asleep on your side or stomach. :/
  • Don't eat cheese just before going to bed. Personally cheese doesn't give me nightmares but fantastic vivid dream.
  • figure out the root of the dream and examine your life to see what fears or anxieties could be causing it
  • if you keep having the same nightmare..eventually you'll remember your dreaming.. thats when it becomes fun.. just start flapping your arms.. you'll start to fly.. its pretty cool
  • I avoid my ex. Seriously. When I was with him I had nightmares several times a week and now I don't.

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