• a fairer complexion is more attractive in my opinion.
  • I resemble this question. I have no desire to get a tan (I burn anyway) or have one spray painted on. I am no more or less attracted to a persons with or without a tan.
  • Maybe it's because I'm from the south, where practically everyone has a tan, but I find people with tanned skin (not orange, or bright red, or super-tan) to be attractive. It is quite an interesting phenomenon because people who are native to New York and Boston feel that tans look a bit silly, or just have no preference one way or another.
  • I live in the south an all guys think Tans are hot down here!
  • i'm an indoor person my self, so who ever i'm with to be... like me... and pale :)...
  • I'd go either way on it. Pretty is pretty. Scarlett Johanson is making it work. I couldn't imagine her any other way.
  • Average complexions are just not very noticeable to me. They are average. So, when I notice that somebody has a tan, it sounds terrible but I automatically cringe a little and think about skin cancer. Or about this older friend of mine who spent many years in the sun and has really bad leather face. I just hope they'll be okay. When somebody has noticeably pale skin, I find it more attractive and healthy looking. Also, pale skin usually occurs when being intimate with someone, so naturally it seems more sexy, and exciting.
  • Everything looks different on everyone. On some people, tans are more becoming. On others, they are not.
  • Having a tan was considered unattractive..something only the working class had, until Coco Chanel made it de riguer for showing the world that you had the money to winter in the tropics..
  • I would say no. I tan is very attractive, but I have seen some very pale ladies who are very attractive too. I do know a lady who I worked with who 15 years ago looked very sexy and tan, she stayed so dark all the time for appearances sake and now she is about 40 and her skin looks like saddle leather, even her face. It's yucky. Young and tan is fine, but there is a price to pay. There is a price to pay for everything.
  • I don't really like people who are tan. That's people who work to gain their tan, rather than just born with it. I think it might be because my ginger skin does't allow me to tan, just burn.
  • I like them both -- I believe, beauty is only skin deep. It's their personality and the connection we make together that matters to me... :-)
  • I think tanning is really dumb myself.
  • It all has to do with bone structure
  • Tans are sexy in my opinion.
  • tans don't matter, i just don't like people who go to tanning beds or tan just to become "more beautiful". complexion has absolutely nothing to do with beauty.
  • I have seen just as many people with beautiful alabaster skin as I have with a golden tan. NO.
  • Although a tan looks great on some people, women with fair complexions are attractive. In fact, just yesterday I noticed a woman in my office who was downright pale, but it looked great on her. She is very pretty.
  • i like fairer complexions... the whole "tan" thing got boring after a while lol
  • it all depends on what they're SUPPOSED to look like ... i'd say as long as it looks natural and not like ... sprayed on or whatever.
  • Some people look great with a tan and some look fine without. Personally, I can't keep a tan. I'm mixed, Irish, Italian, German and American Indian... So I turn very deep red, peel and then nothing... So I couldn't tan if I wanted to and it doesn't really matter all that much to me but if I had my way I would prefer one. They make you look thinner and you tend to wear things against one much nicer I think? Like WHite clothing and Gold jewelry... For instance.
  • It depends. Both are attractive. There are some tan people that can pull off being tan and attractive. As long as its not too dark and tan then it looks good. And then there are some people who look bad with tans on. I like both looks.
  • I think whatever your skin does naturally, is best. People that sit and bake in the sun, or go to tanning booths, i believe look a bit scary and unnatural. Not mention, they'll look much scarier when they get older and the sun damage catches up with them.
  • I'd be a lot more attracted to someone with fair and healthy skin than to someone with dark, leathery, tumorous skin.
  • Pale is totally in now. Not too pale...fair, I guess. Melanoma is soooo 1997.

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