• i can with my brother. I don't think there's anyone I'm more open with.
  • Yes. My mom. Except for my sex life (I think that's self-explanatory, and it's not about trust).
  • yes i can I am not embarressed or shameful of what i have done now i regret somethings but I am an extremely open person no matter how much it might bother others it dont bother me
  • My partner, he accepts me unconditionally no matter what is in my past.
  • yes i can tell my fiance every thing that happened in the past things i want in the futura and any 'embarrasing' things happening! i know he will not judge me but he weill listen and try to help!
  • yes there isn't much to trust..I have tried to live my life pretty much above board for all of it so far..I hide nothing
  • No, the only people that know most of my life and myself are my Children and my Mum, and they dont need to know it all do they!
  • I do. My best friend knows every thing about my life, both the good and the bad. I trust him with my life and have no fear of betrayal from him.
  • yes im lucky i have 2 ppl in my life, who have nothing but my best interest at heart
  • No. I could my husband but even then I kept some things to myself.
  • depends on who it is a friend no!!!!!! make sure that it's nothing spliting you apart for awhile. you can, but you have to work up the courage yourself and be confindent and strong about all the mistakes you made and be proud of the fact that you've learned one of lifes many lessons and got threw it!!! if they can't deal with it and aren't willing to try... keep stepin the one who really cares and loves you will! that person knows who you are are and excepts the true you.
  • That's a tough one. If anyone, it would be my mother, sister or older brother. I'm not at that point with anyone else at this time.
  • Yes, I can. I have a few people that I trust that much.
  • Yes, I can trust my wife to that extent.
  • Well...there's someone I trust that I can tell him ANYTHING if I need to talk to someone. He's absolutely amazing dunno where I'de be without him :D Though there is one thing I'm still confused about so I'm not going to bring it up because I wanna know this for sure before I share.
  • Yes, I have one person, thank God, thst I can trust with anything I say, anything.I would not be judged and the trust would still be intact forever. That's how sure I am of this person.
  • I did trusted one of my PAAST best friends.. turned out to be this nasty bitchy friend and she let go of my secrets..damn the moment I met her
  • Yes, I have one person I can trust with anything.

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