• The Hulk was grey in his first appearance. As a distinct character, he first emerged in the mid-80s, with the grey skin which would become associated with this incarnation just prior to the start of the lengthy Peter David run. The character's most notable spell was as a Las Vegas enforcer called "Mr. Fixit". Berengetti, the man he was working for, referred to the Hulk as "Joe", so this was later combined to form "Joe Fixit". Significant differences between the personalities of the original Grey Hulk and the version that emerged in the 1980s lead to some debate as to whether these are the same version of the Hulk—although the (green) Hulk in the latter issues of the Hulk's original series and Avengers appearances bears a far stronger resemblance in all but colour. In early issues after the re-emergence of the Grey Hulk, the character is referred to as the original Hulk, so it is possible that these differences are simply a result of these being variations of the same personality, just as the Savage Hulk has gone through many variations. However, not all agree that these truly are the same character, and suggests the Savage Hulk over time could have evolved gradually from the original Grey Hulk.
  • joe fixit is gray hulk (a bad @$$ version of hulk and bruces mind) he transformed into grey hulk then grey hulk went to vegas (able to control his transformation) didnt turn to bruce for a year or so then became a leg breaker for a mafia family
  • Bruce banner is Insane, as his mind breaks in different patterns different Hulks emerge. joe fixit was one of banner's Hulk forms that was weaker then the rage fueled hulk but had banners intelligence, just no morals.

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