• Yes. If the other friend declined, he formally asked you ("Hey, do you want to go to the game on such-and-such at such-and-such time?") and you accepted, you should be the attendee.
  • I think so, you should have went. Unless it was season tickets and they were his/her share... then the etiquette is way different.
  • Yes, that is very rude. Once and invitation is extended and accepted, it is extremely impolite to "uninvite" someone, especially in favor in someone else.
  • The friend (cough cough) with the tickets is Very Rude! He should have told the other guy, sorry I already gave the ticket, maybe next time. The previous friend already declined the tickets, he should not be able to come back at any time, and change his mind.
  • yes, thats very rude
  • Your friend is the one that was put in a very awkward position by his/her friend and that person might have paid for the ticket (?) You don't know what that situation was but, regardless, your friend was put in a position to make it awkward for you or awkward to the other friend. If you have some history with this person and/or value the relationship then drop it and pretend you are a friend. If being the #1 princess is your top priority then tell them that was rude and never speak to them again.

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