• I agree with you about them making money on the DUI's, and my sister was killed in a drunk driving accident (she was not driving)... but if cars had breathilizers (which isnt a bad idea!) they could just get someone else to breathe into it to start!! Now if they could make them more personal, like a way to only recognize the owners breath, that may be sosmething!
  • would be good if they could make some kind of in car breathylizer that could tell it was the car owners breath that was breathing into it, using dna or something i spose could work. and unless the driver is sober the car wouldnt start.
  • I'm not convinced inventions fix problems. Throwing people in jail doesn't fix them either. Training your loved ones, especially your children how to be responsible helps a lot. Letting drunks off the hook so they can get back in a car drunk the next day after being prosecuted is a bad idea too. Follow the money.
  • Things are being done. It just takes a long time for us humans to learn. Your idea is a great one. Will our government go for it? I doubt it! For one, the loss of revenue to the states would be too great. For another, it would take years for our lawmakers to come up with a plan to make it work, costing us millions in taxpayer dollars. And it would increase the cost of new cars, beyond the reach for the average person to be able to purchase. ABer Fieldandstream30s above said it well, "Training your loved ones especially your children how to be responsible helps a lot."
  • NO no no this is all wrong. Drinking and driving are not a good idea, obviously as mentioned, but installing breathalyzers in all cars is ludicrous. There very unnecessary cost for starters plus what i feel very strongly against an invasion of private property by government. What are they going to next set mandatory pot smelling devices in our houses or more likely in the cars first then in the houses or after those are passed well forget what life was like before those and start thinking why not install anti-smoking detectors every where so no one can smoke anything anywhere...fuck that LIBERTY or DEATH you Nazi fascists!!!
  • There are ways around such things, so I don't see how making everyone have them would make that much of a difference.
  • a car breathalyzer would help, but no i dont think it is necessary. it isn't completely foolproof, and all cars don't have them already, so it would be very expensive. On the other hand, what would work is some decent punishment for drunk drivers. I've heard of people hitting people while drunk and getting convicted, but not even serving any time. I think that there should be a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 5 years, losing their license permanently with no hope of getting it back, as well as losing the car they were driving. As for any second-time offenders, life in prison. no parole.

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