• Because sometimes what you see is what people *want* you to see, not what's actually the truth.
  • It's advice that suggests you not take things at face value but rather examine them closely so as not to be fooled. There are plenty of things we see but interpret incorrectly. Weather phenomena, tricks of light, peoples' actions, human behavior.
  • if you 'take everything with a grain of salt' you can't go wrong ... not everything is as it looks/seems... especially in to-days world ...:)
  • Well, because not everything is what it seems. It pays to be careful, especially if you've been burned before! It pays to be careful, because if you're not, you'll REALLY pay!
  • everything isn't what it appears to be...
  • becuse Not everything you see is true.
  • Well, some times these kind of statement can be pretty puzzling advice, depending on where they are coming from. It seem as this statement is mostly a lie in itself to most. Their telling you to believe none of what you hear with your own ears and only half what you see with your own eyes? So,.. what you are hearing from them, even while they are saying it to you,... you shouldn't believe what they are saying. What I believe myself have caused this very old saying to come about and to hang around for so long is the fact that this world of ours have mostly been built around mostly lies, and having our own eyes being deceived by ones who believe they can control what people see with their own eyes. More coming later with good examples, if you care to have yourselves a listen to what I have to say.
  • Looks can be decieving. Consider the con artist and the scammers out there. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. So tred with caution.
  • Because, especially with the advent of cheap image and movie software, people make up all kinds of pictures and movies. For example (Big Budget), do you really believe Forest Gump (Tom Hanks), was with President Kennedy and told he he's got to pee?... How 'bout most of the other famous people he was "seen" with?) How 'bout Natalie Cole singing "Unforgettable" with her father, who died many years earlier? How 'bout that guy on the helicopter and the HUGE shark about to eat him? or the HUGE cat in someone's arms? ALL of the above were fake but people believe in a lot of them.

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