• It might only mean that she is a gambler or more fun to take on such trips.
  • maybe she is just more available.
  • She might be more adventurous and exciting.
  • The only thing I'm sure of in this scenario is that the guy is an asshole.
  • If she were really special he wouldn't be seeing other women. And a woman would be not very smart to go to Las Vegas with a guy that she knew was seeing so many other women. I agree with Pretty Pirate!
  • nope, not always. It may mean that she's more of a partier than the others and he can go out and drink with her better than the others. Maybe she's not the one to talk home to mom...maybe one of the others is. And then there's the other who you take to your work functions. I knew a hot guy who was good for going out with in social settings. Another who was cool for kicking back and laughing. Another who was good for taking me out. Another who was good for....(i didn't date them all at once though)
  • It sounds like something off of a reality TV show. I'm just wondering if the multiple women know about each other, and is he just going on dates with them or is he in a serious relationship with all of them? If he is just taking them on dates but is nothing serious, then perhaps he has found one to be serious with. If he is serious with all of them, then I don't know what to say other than I think he is a jerk to lead them all on like that--unless of course they all know about each other and are OK with it. Then I think there is something wrong with these ladies.
  • She may be any one of the following: - The easiest - The one more prone to party the Vegas way - the dirtiest (in a good way) - the one best to keep a secret - the one that expressed an interest - the one that had the days off of work - the one that means the least to him (he could be sowing a last oat) - the one that is paying for it Anyone of those reasons could be valid.
  • no, it means he only got comped for 2 at the mirage, and rolled a dice to decide who to take, it was obviously nothing personal, and maybe she brought him luck at the 'crap' table:))
  • Depends on what is meant by "special" here. Taking one of them to Las Vegas may be "special" to him but it certainly would not make her feel special even if she did not know about the other women. Vegas isn't the kind of place where one would take their girlfriend or significant other to let her know that she is special. A place with gambling and legalized prositution IMO wouldn't signal the right intent to any self-respecting woman.
  • I wouldnt date a guy that was seeing other women at the same time as me. That is a no-no. Id find someone that wants to be with me, and not waste my time with someone that is already cheating on you.
  • Pretty Priate is CORRECT...I promise you, nothing special there...Nothing. let him go, he has many girls to entertain and is a waste of your time.
  • It could mean either of two things... He could have brought this lady to use her for sex and know shes easy... or he could have broguth her because yes he might see her to be more special then the rest?
  • probably
  • All it really means is that she was willing to go with him and he was, apparently, willing to pay for it. Since he is seeing multiple women she is no more special than the next woman he takes to Las Vegas.
  • probably

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