• Cheap beer. Works for me.
  • Stick to the basics
  • give yourself a certain amount to spend a day and only take that with you no overspending!
  • Take a look at this site,i know its a UK site but some of the advice will help out. take a look in the forum lots of money saving ideas in there.
  • live as though you only have 5 dollars...I've been doing it for the past 2 months. :-P
  • I actually made myself a spreadsheet (like in Excel) of all my basic bills: -rent -utilities (elec, gas, sewer, water) -car -insurance -fuel -telephone -cable -internet -credit cards -food and basic necessities (groceries, doctor visit, etc) Once I did that, I got my base living expenses. If I had some left over, I put that into my "entertainment" category. One thing I discovered is that I saved a TON of money when I stopped eating out at much. For one month I tracked how much I spent eating out and I was astonished. (And surprisingly I lost some weight and felt a little better when I started eating at home more.) I was able to save the most money by really taking my time at the grocery store and shopping around the different brands. I was able to cut my grocery bill by about $50 just by watching for sales, using coupons, and buying generic. Buying day old meat on sale in bulk and freezing it in sections was a huge saver. Decide what "luxury" items you would be willing to live without. Such as if you have cable - drop the movie teirs, and opt for a Saturday matinee movie instead. The first showing of the day is always much cheaper. If your car does not require it, do not spend the extra money for the higher octane gas. You'll actually damage your car in the long run putting in higher octane gas that your engine is not equipped to burn completley. Those are just a few things that worked for me! Making a budget list and putting it on your fridge and keeping track of your expenses was the smartest thing I ever did, and I was amazed at my results. Good luck!
  • 1. Pay off the credit cards and stop using them. 2. Carpool to work. 3. Get a better deal with your phone carrier. 4. Make sure that you are not paying more for your car insurance than you have to – shop around. 5. Quit smoking. 6. Do not play the lottery. 7. If your municipal water supply is fine, do not make the mistake of buying bottled water. 8. Eat out less often.
    • BRG
      Great info!!! couldn't have said it better myself!!!
  • Cook from scratch. Fix food at home to take with you so you don't eat out. Make a list of things you like to do and then seperate the things that cost money from those that don't. Often times you can get just as much satisfaction from things that are free. Don't borrow money. Get out of debt and adopt the saying, "If I don't have the cash I can't afford it." by taxigringo.
  • I have heard that if you pay God first, he helps you manage the rest better. I recommend 10% of your increase. (That is where the word tithe comes from.)
  • Stay out of the malls and stores, throw the catalogs in the trash as soon as they come in, shut off unused lights, computers, tv, etc.. If you have multiple vehicles try to use the most fuel efficient.
  • Hang the heavy things around the house to dry instead of putting them in the dryer then put them in for about 10 minutes to soften them up.
  • Buy only what you need and pay for it with cash and not credit.
  • We hear it over and over again but very few people do it: Pay yourself first. Your paycheck should automatically go into a minimum of three accounts: 1) 401k (or another retirement account) enough to get the company match if available. 2) Savings account (for emergency fund) 3) Checking Account where you pay your monthly bills If you do this you will feel like you have a lot more freedom and will not always be a slave to a job. If you start saving in your twenties and gradually increase your savings as you get raises throughout your 30's and 40's you will have an enjoyable retirement. The nice thing about paying yourself first is that you always have some money to fall back on incase of emergencies.
  • Take your savings out of your paycheck first, and only spend what is left. Follow the "frugal" lifestyle: make 'cheap' a way of life.
  • Considering the exorbitant interest rates that credit card companies charge I recommend paying off as much of whatever credit card debt you have that you can. Use whatever extra or windfall money you get to help pay off however much of that debt you have. Eat out as little as you can.
  • Put whatever you can afford into savings. Buy extras once and a while, but make sure you save. Have a couple grand (whenever possible) in cash in the house for emergencies. Keep the rest in the bank where it can collect interest.
  • Coupons! I'm always leaving mine at home, with my list! haha
  • Have a 'shrapnel purse' - small coins go in it, and over a short space of time accumulate into lots of coins :)
  • 7-2-2017 Buy food on sale and buy more than you need right away. I fed myself and my mother for years on fifty bux a month, and not every month. Find out what free food campaigns are in your neighborhood. Churches give away a flood of food. Get a pad where you can walk to work. Repairing a used car costs more than it is worth. Don't repair it: sell it and buy one that doesn't need to be repaired.
  • Shop Generic, make sure you put some away monthly for emergencies, find ways to make it seem more exciting to stay in on the weekends, learn to like "meatless Tuesdays", dont order out, stay away from your Walmarts, Targets, etc. and experience the Thrift Stores out there where contraary to belief, have AMAZING good clean and sometimes brand new finds DIRT CHEAP. ;)
  • Quit drugs, smoking, drinking (all but tap water), all entertainment expenses, sodas, credit cards, eating out, meat and prepared foods. Cut your own hair, do your own nails, walk or bike to work. Shop thrift stores, and only buy what you need to survive. That should be a good start.
  • Learn how to cook good enough that you are seldom tempted to waste money at restaurants.
  • Hebrews have had it right all along, to pay one self 10% of income first to savings, then tithe to god, then the rest.
  • Review your cell phone bill. Can you get on a cheaper plan?
  • cut back on streaming or satellite tv. (mine costs a fortune). save 10%.
  • Whenever you can shop store brands. They are the same quality as brand names. This of course isn't the only thing one can do . However it helps.

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