• No. Annuities are complicated, filled with fees and a pain in the ass. Talk to a financial advisor and look at other options. You can get in with a brokerage firm that will be able to invest it better and give you better control.
  • it might be, dont know much about it
    • Ryan Polimeni
      Just got to know how wonderful the annuities are. They provide us the option to save for right now for our future via a monthly premium as well as an accumulated cash payment. Also, there are plans that allow to invest part of premium in the market and earn a profit on the same. I am so happy that I went through this informative and pretty useful portal and got to know so much about the annuity insurance.
  • If you're maxing your IRA and 401k now and want to put away more, Fidelity has variable annuities which are not loaded with high fees, and you can defer as much after-tax income as you want.

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