• It actually can be a lot of things, but the most recurrent and common reasons for the steering wheel to vibrate are: -Tires, they are out of alignment or worn out unevenly (probably due to the bad alignment or lack of proper rotation). -Brakes, if the vibration is accompanied by a "screetching" noise, or probably the brake pads are not properly adjusted (or out of place), or the rotors need to be resurfaced or changed. -Suspension, the shocks can be empty, or probably the McPhersons are due to a change. As I said, can be other reasons, including the steering system itself, but its not as common as the three reasons previously stated that are usually not expensive (new tires, new mcphersons, an alignment, or brakes service). Let's hope is nothing more serious. Good luck !
  • If your car/truck is rear wheel drive, and starts to vibrate when you take your foot off of the gas... it can also be your universal joint. Good luck.
  • I would offer up, that it's probably not the shocks, they would not cause the wheels to vibrate, they would however cause the front end to bounce upon sudden braking. The rotators once they are bad will cause wheel vibration, brake pads especially if they are worn down to the rivets will also cause a similar feel in the steering wheel. The remaining new mechanical introduction in this scenario would be ball joints, depending on the make of car, ball joints in either wheel could be the focus on the investigation of "Why does my Stering Wheel Vibrate?"
  • It`s been my past experience that this condition is caused by the rotors being warped which causes uneven contact between the brakepads and rotor. Usually one side is worse than the other in which case you will have a pulling to one side or the other. Warping, to my knowledge is usually caused by excessive heat, badly worn brakepads, and improper tightening of the lug nuts when mounting the front wheels. Need to correct the problem ASAP
  • When was you last visit to your crooked mechanic?

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