• sounds like carpel Tunnel, i had in both hands caused by my work. Comp will pay for Doctor and surgery on it plus you get 6 weeks of vacation paid for by compensation. First you will have to get a Nerve conduction study done on your hand... it hurts. but is worth it ask your Doc about it. good luck
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome should only affect your wrist and hand. Your signs and symptoms point to a higher level of involvement, most likely a nerve root or roots that may be impinged from cervical stenosis, or bracial plexus radiculopathy. I would seek a medical professional for this. A cervical (neck) xray may be able to show some cervical spine pathology.
  • Click on "carpal tunnel syndrome"
  • To cubsmuff: You are absolutely right, sir. While the person who posed the question above does indeed have features of Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), and can cause some pain to radiate up to the elbow, the other details in his question point out other pathologies as well. I am going by the details in the question. It was mentioned that the pain goes up "the upper arm," which is above the elbow and is not a usual feature of CTS. Sleeping with the arm bent (I'm assuming that he meant with the shoulder flexed anteriorly) can do several things: 1. Apply stretch to the brachial plexus which can cause the parasthesias 2. Impinge on the shoulder joint which may cause some pain to radiate down the forearm and elbow. 3. Cause some cervical nerve root compression as the neck is reflexively flexed to the same side. This can be just simple CTS with an unusual pain radiation pattern, but I would still consider concommitant musculoskeletal dysfunctions as well.
  • maybe you should go to the er if youre getting numb like that

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