• Depending what state you are in, the purchase contract might state that these items will stay with the property. Most sellers will leave these items with the home.
  • I say screw that, If you bought them take them with, at the end of the day it is your choice
  • You are. It's your house, your appliances, you get to decide what comes with the house and what doesn't. If your realtor disagrees, find a new realtor.
  • they are not hard wired ...there yours take them
  • You both are right. You are right because this is your stuff and you can take whatever you want (as long as it is stated in contract- what exactly you're taking). Your agent is right because usually these things are referred to as "Attached to the house" and the buyer usually expects them to stay. Renata
  • These items are your property. It can be written into the contract that the appliances stay - it does not have to be so. If you want your convection range and microwave, take them. Your realtor has no right to tell you you can't take your own property with you. Your realtor can recommend that they stay, to add value to the property, that's all. I agree with 'hollow' - find a new realtor.
  • Look at your listing agreement, specifically the part that lists what comes with the home ie..range, oven, etc. If you or your realtor marked that the oven and microwave stay with the house that could be why your realtor is telling you this. I am going to assume that the oven is somewhat built into the wall as well as the microwave. In that case, it would be usual and customary to leave them with the house however you are correct that if they aren't actually hardwired into the house you can certainly reserve them. Just keep in mind that the appeal to new buyers may be diminished and it may be more important to get the sale than keep the appliances. All depends on the market in your area. Bottom line, if they aren't built right into the walls you can take them but it must be disclosed before a buyer looks at the house. ie it must be stated on the listing agreement.

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