• Sounds Like Either He Really Likes You Or He Really Doesn't. I Had A Similar Situation. Very Slightly Similar. I Had A Major Crush On My Manager, But She Would Never Notice Me. Also, I Am Super Shy. Luckily, I'm A Fairly Creative Dude. I Wrote Her A Poem Which Revealed My Feelings (Creative) And Slipped It To Her One Day As She Was Leaving Work (Not So Creative). I Swear That The First Words I Had Ever Said To Her Were 'Don't Open This Until You Get Home'. She Totally Went For It Even Though Some Girls Say That Stuff Is Creepy For Some Reason. Anyway, Point Is, If You Can't Just Talk To Him, At Least Do It In An Indirect Way (e.g. a friend, a letter, a text message). Men Really REALLY Fear Rejection And If He Has Feelings For You He Probably Wont Tell You Anyway. Most Women Assume It A Man's Role To Initiate, However, From Experience, It's Just Not That Easy. Either Way, Good Luck Kid. Take It Easy, But Take It.
  • Like classic rock hero said, the guy either really likes you or really doesn't like you.
  • There can be a good reason to ignore you. Maybe he is married.
  • You're "invisible" to him and so he's not bothering. Maybe strike up a conversation over a coffee break.
  • Maybe he's not interested in you.
  • he might not be interested
  • i think it means he dont want to talk to you, i would just leave him alone

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