• Real estate is ALWAYS a good investment -- as the saying goes, "They're not making it anymore."
  • It is almost always good to buy real estate, it depends on your motives though. If you want to flip an up market is best if are a long term holder then you just have to make sure it cash flows and wait for the right part of the cycle to sell.
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  • Real estate may be especially a good investment at the moment if you are looking to buy a home for yourself or to rent out since the prices have dropped. However, if you are going to rent it out, have some money stashed away for any period of time that it is not rented or the tenants do not pay. You have to have the stomach for it.
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  • Id wait another ½ year.
  • If you can afford it.
  • If you can affort it. Real estate is always a good buy anytime.
  • If you have some cash, go for it.
  • It is definitely a buyer's market. Where I live, there are TONS of properties for sale. Alot have been for sale for a while with more than motivated sellers. You can find a great deal.
  • It is if you've got the money.
  • Now would be a good time to start, but you can afford to be real picky.
  • i would say yes ~ but it all depends on which area of the country youre in. im a real estate agent in maryland and virginia (washington dc metropolitan area) and there are unbelievable deals to be had, especially with foreclosures. prices have come down significantly and the market is stabilizing in this area. interest rates are near record lows. there are excellent loan programs available, and if your credit is good, i would say go for it if you plan on keeping the investment or living in the home for several years. in general, its best to follow the simple rule of thumb with any type of investment ~ buy low, sell high. right now ~ home prices are really attractive. real estate is always a solid long-term investment. although theres a dip in the market now ~ it will go back up again ~ the markets cyclical. and the laws of supply and demand dictate that prices WILL increase significantly in the long-term. remember, people keep breeding and buildable land is finite.
  • I would say it is really a good time to buy homes.
  • Unemployment is still in free fall. In some areas it's over 25%. Now is not the time because the house will lose value almost as soon as you buy. I'd say we're going to bottom out in another couple of years and possibly longer before we start to get out of this thing.
  • It is if you're sure that you can afford the payments.
  • Real estate investment is always a good investment but you have to understand the basics. When it comes to real estate investing, it seems that some people have the "golden touch" and that others are destined to struggle. There are those that will be very successful and those that will not. To understand real estate investing basics is the foundation of any successful investor. The real estate cycle is the most influential key to your real estate investing. If you do not understand how the cycle works, your real estate investing will be more difficult. When you understand the cycle and identify where your market lies, then investing becomes easier because you are going with the trend instead of fighting it. I learned many important basics of real estate investment from . I hope it will be helpful for you also.

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