• HUD homes, as far as purchasing, are really no different than purchasing any other foreclosure. A lot of it has to do with YOUR financing. If you are paying cash, it should not take long at all. If you are financing and there are problems with the home that will not allow it to meet certain basic livability standards, it could take a long time or the financing could be denied. Once a home has truly come onto the market (there are many homes that are in some process of foreclosure that show up on "foreclosure" websites that are not anywhere near coming on the market), the purchase of the home should not take any longer than any other property. I would advise you to get a real estate agent who is well versed in the purchase of HUD homes in your area and ask this question of them. But as I said before, most of the delay could have to do with the type of financing you are getting rather than anything on the HUD (seller) side.

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