• wow.... never heard of this problem before lol. i think if you make a big deal out of the kicking then he will continue to do it, if you ignore the fact that he kicks he should stop.
  • Interesting! At my Doggie Daycare we have a dog that does this too. She's kicked me a few times, just like a horse! She also kicks when I attempt to bathe her. What breed of dog is yours? The one at the daycare is a Husky.
  • he's a papillon, i do ignore it, i don't make a big deal out of it because it's funny when he does it, it doesn't bother me, i just don't know if its normal and i just wanted to know if someone knew why he was doing this
  • my cavalier does this, too! She'll plop down next to me for a nap, and then it's like a reflex and she karate kicks me! It's like I'm invading her space - but I'm like "dude, you came to me!" She does the same with the couch - anything that gets in her zone. I think it's a reflex to protect herself. Good luck!
  • I would like to know about this as my boyfriends dog backs up to him when he is lay on the floor and starts to kick him like dogs do when they kick grass after a poo. I think it is bizarre and would like to know what it means but cannot find anything on the internet. would be great if someone knew!

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