• I have a bird that comes every morning into my window, he does not crash into it cuz I had a curtains.. he just sing all morning when I am asleep and then if i dont wake up he just try to climb into my window... he keeps doing it until I wake up and open the window..... I dont know what he wants..... I think he is inlove with me or something... Is not the first time a bird come to my window and do the same thing every morning.... the bird keeps singing until is 5:00p.m. then he stop until next morning.... I hope i can get some info about this ^_^
  • Maybe food. Or it is a nice place to sit for the day.
  • Maybe he thinks you are related to Dr.Dolittle or something =D
  • food probably .
  • I gave him bread he eat it a little but he just keep doing it... i read something that the birds will come to the window to beg for mealworms.... How can i get a worm? O.o
  • Young birds will do this when they are separated from their nest. They are usually hungry when they do this.
  • sanctuary?
  • The bird may want someone to get BIRD FLU... Lucky you.
  • as long as the bird sings a pleasant tune and dosent squalk or sound annoying, you should find he/she just likes to perch there and wait for another birds to call to them ,hope this helps you.
  • Lucky you!I'd try to find out what kind of bird it is and leave seed or some kind of food for it.
  • When birds come to a window, most of the time it's because they see their reflection and think it's another bird. Many times they will actually fight that bird. We used to have a bluebird that would come each spring and attack that bird in the window. Same window, each time. Very funny bird! They see the trees and sky and everything outside much clearer in the reflection on the window than they can see in.
  • oh yeeesss ( in a yoda tone of voice ) i see yess i will tell you what it all means.mmm yesss tell i will. the bird it self means freedom to have just about any thing you might want . to move and fly just like your personalty that speaks it's mind with no fear. when it sings it reflects it color of it feathers all color and red being its most of all . or it could mean someone that lived there before you use to feed it and now it is say wat da fk wheres the seed yo lol
  • Put a picture of a mean cat in the window
  • It's spying on you.

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