• You don't - you respect his privacy :)
  • What do you mean "access his cell phone"? Do you want to text him via the computer or something?
  • You don't. If you have concerns or suspicions, you talk to him. Communication - not betrayal - is what makes a good relationship.
  • There is a girl .. we will call her Betty.. Betty checks her guy's cell phone info every single day.. I have watched Betty turn from a beautiful and lively lady.. into a stressed out.. unkempt mess. Why would you want to be with someone you felt you had to do this to? It will drag you down and wear him out.. especially if he is not doing anything. He will be gone.. I know I would be. No one likes to not be believed in and men want their women to believe in them and trust them. If he is not trustworthy.. you should not be with him. What you are wanting to do is as big of a betrayal as what you suspect him to be doing. I know this did not answer your question but you are really setting yourself up to fail in your relationship. My guy is a flirt. I watch women literally puddle around him. I would never think to check up on him. Hell.. I cannot blame chicks.. he IS delicious .. but I am confident in myself and my ability to meet his desires and keep him happy. If I felt that gut feeling.. I would ask him outright and if he denied anything it would all depend on if he changed how he treated me and if he neglected me. That lack of trust is going to allow things to come between you.. fix it and you will have a strong relationship. You either need to work on trust or your insecurities .. or if he IS a dog.. go find a real man and kick his butt back into the pound. Rated you back up because people should have the right to ask questions and seek help without that nonsense!
  • babes why would you want to do that? if your paranoid just talk to him. ask for some reassurance but dont snoop. give him privacy and respect and you will get it back x

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