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  • Im told that it works, but i have never tried it personally. Why do you only have 4 months to get pregnant?
  • Fertility drugs increase the chances of you getting pregnant, unless you or your husband/bf are sterile. There are potential side effects, and you should research clomid thoroughly before taking it. I will find you a link and post it here.
  • clomid is among the best,have your husband do a sperm test before you start using it prepare,you may even have twins or more.
  • It has been around for quite a while and among fertility drugs it has a very high profile and a sound track record. It works by instructing the brain to produce estrogen, resulting in increased egg production by the ovaries.
  • why only 4 months? i am taking clomid at the moment after trying for 3 years. i am also trying to find out the success rate. i have been taking them for 3 months and have 3 months left. isn't any chance better then no chance at all?! even if it doesn't work you've tried it and you may get pregnant. i know one person who has got pregnant on these tablets.
  • I have been taking Clomid for 3 months now and i'm looking for positive success stories. Me and my husband ARE able to conceive but after trying for over 3 years, with no success, our specialist put me on these pills.( i have 2 children from a prev.)So far what i have heard is mainly positive, but as we all know, when it seems like its not happening we all need a bit of a moral boost don't we girls.I know we're not supposed to stress or think about having babies constantly as that blocks everything, not easy when we want something so bad eh!
  • Me and my bf have been trying for 6 yrs now to conceive. I've just recently finished my first cycle on Clomid and we are hoping for the best by my next Dr's visit next week. All I can say is that when you want something so bad everything you do in an effort to achieve this is never a waste of time. Keep trying and if the Dr's wants to try this with you go for it. What may not work for everyone else may work for you. Good Luck!!

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