• sounds as if your hard drive has gone bad .... either call sony for warranty repairs (18003457669) or you can purchase a 2.5" internal SATA laptop hard drive up to 160 gigs i think. then remove the hard drive access door on the left side labeled hdd ...... slide it out, unscrew it, screw it the new hard drive, slide it back in then close the access door turn on the power followw the onscreen prompts and you should be good
  • If it overheats at some time it can damage connectors in the HD, meaning you'd need a new one (as far as I know). To avoid having to pay for that though, try these steps out first. *Open up the HD access on the bottom/side (it should pop right out). Remove the blue screw. Slide HD towards gap and pull out. Reinstall, replace cover. *Hold touch sensitive power button down till second beep, then release. *If that doesn't work, try soft and hard resets. I'm having the same problem, started last night, and those seem to be the most common cures. Short of that the only thing left to do is either pay to replace your HD yourself, or if it's under warranty send it back to Sony. If you're like me you're probably fairly pissed you didn't expect to need to back up any of your save data.

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