• Both, but in reality, it takes work by both partners to keep a relationship going.
  • its work, at first you can blindly fall in love but that only lasts so long. after it takes time and patience and commitment and so many other things: respect, communication, trust, etc...
  • Vast subject!Basically, I think, it just happens.Some trait of the other one attracts you and you dont know how it happens, but it does happen!
  • I don't believe that you should have to "work" at love. I think that you love someone..someone loves you. There is no "work" involved in that. My opinion only, of course! I think if you have to "work" at it, then something isn't right..something needs to be "fixed" or "changed" or "maintained"...that isn't love to me! :)
  • There is a certain chemistry involved, but it's a choice and it is an ongoing work.

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