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  • I think it would have been a great asset. Teens go through so many emotions and it's nice to have someone to talk with, yet many teens aren't comfortable going to their parents or other adults with their questions and concerns. I was fortunate in that I had two adult friends during my high school years, but AB would have been an awesome outlet for some of the questions or thoughts I had during those years. . .
  • sorry but when I was at high school there was not computer /mobile phones and the electronic calculator was your fingers and trust me my life was fantastic back then ....the only sad thing is kids today will never and I mean never have it as good
  • I had a bit of an inferiority complex as a teen, which created problems for me as a young adult and during my first marriage. An Answerbag-like site might have prevented me from experiencing those problems... ...and I'd be REALLY twisted like most everyone else!
  • I bet I would have turned it into homework-bag and you may have seen a lot of homework questions. I don't mind them anyway because they are fun and sometimes I get to learn while I answer some student's questions. Hey, I didn't know either so it was fun for me too.
  • I was too busy during my HS years to spend much time online. I guess it would have been very good for research but I don't think I would have used Answerbag much. I was too busy with my horses, dogs and husband to be.
  • You guys gather over the network, we gathered in the streets.
  • When I was in high school computers were not even invented as far as I know. We wore pantyhose still and skirts. I graduated in '68. I would have been thrilled just to be able to dress in pants. I just received this answer of mine in my feedback so I will elaborate a bit since I neglected to answer the second part of your question. My life would have not been better or worse because of a computer invention. When an "aid" such as a computer is added to the life mix, we simply neglect something in ourselves and depend on the computer for everything. I am able to communicate by internet as well as by telephone, person-to-person, ability to sit and read a book, mail a written letter; and then,also handle instant telecommunications. Since there are positives and negatives to the Computer Age, a balance is necessary and not total dependancy. People get addicted and are totally lost without their electronic aids.
  • If answerbag (or computers ) were available when I was an adolescent, nothing much would've changed because I was always working or playing sports. Not much time for hobby type endeavors.
  • I would have stuck to only music and sports categories here. I would have asked more questions inthose categories alone. I wouldn't have used AB for homework. I'm not to sure I would have enjoyed AB as much as I do now.
  • When I was in high school no one had ever heard of Answerbag and would have looked at you like you were crazy and knew you were. We did not have computers back then. Transistor radios were brand new and electronic calculators such as are common now were not heard of yet! I am not sure how my life would have been impacted by AB or the computer at all...I would hope the information I have learned now would have changed my life for the better. Year by the way...1955

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