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  • I suspect the answer to that would be No. If your partner doesn't have it, then you cannae get it.
  • How could you get something she doesn't have? The answer is no, however the real question is, how can you ever know what she has or does not have? Even if she has been recently tested, some STD's take time to recognizable through currently available medical testing. It's probably best to always assume the worst, and practice safe sex. Always.
  • That's like saying: Is it possible to drown in a lake if it doesn't have any water?
  • Maybe - many STDs have long incubation periods and varying contagion periods. She might have passed you something that your body broke out in before hers did. Think of chicken pox, which is contagious from you to others before you break out in spots. NB, I am not a medical professional, so this is not medical advice.
  • If she does not have any, then no, but see the above answers, it might be present, but dormant.
  • If she doesn't have any I wouldn't be worried about it!
  • Only by immaculate infection.
  • no.. that does not make sense.
  • No. However, it is possible for someone to have a STD and not know it (even STD testing cannot test for all STDs). Some STDs can also be transmitted in non-sexual ways. Also, there are conditions that can be provoked by sex but aren't STDs per se (example: urinary tract infections. can happen after sex but isn't really "transmitted" by sex) HTH
  • Actually yes. It is proven that some people are carriers but never get come down with them. That is why it is so important to have protective sex.
  • perhaps it was you that got them from somebody else (seeing as though she doesn't have any and you do).
  • well it depends. If she has got an STD that she doesnt know about (she assumes that she doesnt have any) then the answer would be yes. If she has been recently tested, and came back negitive then the answer is no
  • You have to consider does she KNOW she is clean. If she took a test and she is clean you are probably safe... BUT some diseases like herpes take a while to show up after the initial exposure so, the best bet is to get tested and to use protection.
  • The best answer is long as you don't get all this bacteria from doing anal with a girl, crap in the butt has all this bacterial which can actually cause you to amek your own std's at times.
  • If they have no STD, then you can not get a STD from them. Carriers, have STD, it just doesnt affect them.
  • first of all, if she's anything like my friend jordan logan wright of hixson, tn, she's lying. god knows what she's got festering down there, but she never tells any of the unfortunate souls that are desperate enough to sleep with her, least of all her boyfriend, jacob allen falls. but he's just as dirty as she is, so it probably doesn't make much of a difference. god, by now the two of them combined have probably created a whole new disease. it's pretty disgusting actually. exspecially since there's no telling how many times he took it up the ass that one time he was in jail for assault (on his parents) and resisting arrest. idiot. but yeah, the answer is don't trust her, and don't trust a girl named jordan wright with a ten foot pole.

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