• I think you should wait until atfer the classes start. then see what happens in the class, and weather it might get knocked. also read this: ear/A30705/earthemo.html
  • well, I dunno what a Tragus piercing is. Eye brow, ears, lips, tongue, nose should be Okay to get now. I wouldn't suggest any were else in the body. Cause you'll be moving around a lot. And I bet they're going to hurt. And if they get hit their going to be sore as hell, but in a class you won't be getting hit hard in the face.
  • You're going to want to wait, definitely. You'll regret it if you don't. I have my tragus pierced, and it has been bumped into a few times, IT HURTS LIKE HELL. just wait to get it. it will be worth it
  • All cartilage piercings are very painful for a long period of time. I suggest you wait.
  • i do jujitsu so i know what the classes involve you dont knock your ear i had my conch piercing done an hour before my lesson yesterday and it was all swollen and sore and i didnt knock it once you should be fine if you hav any worries talk to the instructor hell let you do the class and tell you what to skip out that might hurt your ear good luck with it im getting mine done soon x

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