• Yes they do. A new eye lash will grow back in the hair follicle and replace the old one. As a person ages their eyelashes tend to thin out, this is normal process.
  • I read somewhere that an eyelash lasts for about 45-60 days
  • Well, that depends how long your eyelashes were when you were a baby. Some babies are born without eyelashes - or most any hair - yet. As with all of your hair, eyelashes fall out and regrow periodically. One of the reasons babies always appear to have HUGE eyes is that the eyeballs are essentially the same size as they will be as adult eyes. The openings in the skin are smaller, and the eyelashes vary as much as they do in adults, but the eyes themselves do not grow significantly during a lifetime.
  • The two parts of you body that never quit growing are your nose and your ears. They are bigger than when you were a baby and will be much bigger when you get old.

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