• Good question. You're probably aware that blank dvds vary in quality. And, even among the higher quality discs you'll come across a bad one. You'll increase your odds and get better satisfaction (not to mention longer shelf life) if you stick with a high quality blank dvd. I personally prefer Sony and Verbatim brands. You might find this article interesting:
  • I have been to Japan and could not buy original Sony consumables. Most of the top brand DVD blanks are duplicates. You have to try your luck with less known brands. A DVD with written data may last one or two years depending upon your handling and the conditions which cause scraches on it. If you have some very important data to be preserved for longer years, better to write them on compactflash memory cards and apply write protect.
  • Depends on wat your camcorder is, the standard DVD+rw disc is 4.5gb, and DVD-9 disc is 7gb.

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