• Find some good friends to hang out with you and wont take advantage of you if you are feeling down or if your thinking about cheating on your boyfriend.
  • be strong. keep in touch, but be faithful to him as much as you can and trust him to do the same for you. communicate often. but as hard as it is for you, you have support at home where you are to remind you that you don't have to go through such a hard time alone. i hope for the best for you, good luck
  • That really sucks, I have a bf in the army too. Boy, is it hard, but I do it out of love. He'll get weird, there will be secrets, but that's the risk you take. ~ Absence does for love what the wind does for a flame: it extinguishes the weak, and feeds the strong.~ oh and is THE BEST its kept me sane :) Theres loads of people to answer your questions about everything, and even for when you want to vent. Very friendly site, hardly any drama. Of course find hobbies, be independent. Try your best to have fun and not think about it too much. But it's fine to cry, I'm here if you want to talk. <3 Kat
  • you could write letters to him and call him
  • probably nothing, i doubt you can change her mind
  • just keep in touch with him when hes in the army
  • just keep in touch with him while hes there

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