• Being allergic to love ♥
  • I do know of some odd ones, but not that extreme. I'm allergic to so many things, mostly drugs (a litany of antibiotics...I'm so lucky). I have a weird reaction (not sure it's an allergy) to galvanized metal. Whenever I touch the stuff I break out in hives and a horrible rash. We hypthosize that it's due to the large amount of zinc present in the metal and in the oils on the metal. My husband has a weird oral reaction to peppermint and peppermint oils. He can't use any toothpaste with peppermint in it or he gets horrible sores in his mouth.
  • I'm allergic to a lot of things, including Christmas trees (furs, I guess). I have known this for a while. I mostly get congested and my eyes get itchy. I still like to get a 'real' tree for the kids though. This year was over the top though. After decorating the tree, my hands and arms broke out in hives!!! Also, I was sneezing and wheezing and itchy all over this year, while the tree was up. It was insanity! Next year we might have to get a fake tree... :(
  • im allergic to cashews??? I can eat any other kind of nut though which is weird to me.
  • I have a friend who is allergic to makeup. She can't even wear eyeliner once in a while O_o
  • Grass, my cousin was allergic to grass & wood almost any kind so she had to take alot of meds because most houses have alot of wooden floors, walls & furniture in them.
  • I am allergic to Tide detergant as well as hydrogen peroxide. If I touch any of it, my skin feels like it's on fire and turns beet red with huge hives and blisters.
  • My ex husband is allergic to beer, which I have always found very funny! He used to drink it anyway and break out in the biggest hives and welts I have ever seen!
  • i knew someone that was allergic to OXYGEN! yeah, she's had to take hundred's of dollars worth of drugs per day to stay alive. it sucks, but such is life.
  • I remember an acquaintance of my mom's was said to be allergic to sunlight. From google: "Sun allergy is rare but real."
  • I've known people to be allergic to metal. I'm allergic to grass,tree nuts, some antibiotics, and Scotchguard! My sis is allergic to tree nuts, and shellfish. The weirdest of those to me, it the scotchguard!!
  • I knew someone with a rare allergy to lactose. Milk! Of all things! Crazy... :P
  • I have several food allergies due to a leaky gut. Severe milk protein, soy, gluten, some fibrous vegitables, citrus fruits, the list goes on and on. My strangest allergy would be to chlorine. I have to have special filters on all my faucets & shower head to have the chlorine filtered out. Special purifier on the water tank too. I cannot drink regular tap water and i most defintaley cannot swim in any pool that's been treated with chlorine. Unless of course I want to my skin to burn and itch. I've learned to deal with it all but the sad part is my 12 month old baby girl is suffering with this too :(
  • One of my friends is allergic to ipods, she used to come out in a rash after using her ipod for several hours a day, doctors think it was the nickel in them And my sister is allergic to chocolate so ipods and chocolate are the strangest i have come across
  • I know a woman who is so allergic to corn that she can go to movie theaters.
  • i heard of a girl who was allergic to water. she couldn't let water touch her skin. also i heard of people allergic to sunlight. which is where i believe the myth of vampires has roots in.
  • A relative is allergic to furry animals, yet her husband had brought firstly a rabbit and secondly a kitten for their daughter, and i'm thinking 'what the...?!' Why on earth would you do so?!
  • A girl I went to school with was allergic to her own hair.

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