• Go to your control panel, and click on add new hardware. Let windows find your sound card and re-install it. If that doesnt work refer to my previous answer and try system restore.
  • Likely you inadvertently uninstalled the driver. The first thing to try is to simply restart the computer. Sometimes Plug-and-Play will automagically reinstall the driver for you. If that doesn't work, you should look to see if you have the driver disc for the sound card. If you don't have the driver disc, you can download the drivers from the manufacturer's website. You need to know at least what brand the card is, and usually the model in order to find the correct driver.
  • Right click on the my computer go to manage and press device managment click on sound,video management u have suboption there right click on each option and update the driver for each option dont forget to put driver cd on to ur drive
  • what worked for me was that I went to device manager and right clicked on my sound card and clicked on driver update and it automatically looked it up and downladed it for me

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