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  • Having sex usually helps.
  • If having sex isn't working, see a doctor
  • STOP trying so hard! Relax and focus on something else for awhile. Sometimes the harder we chase a dream the faster it runs away from us. The time will come for you too..let go and let it.
  • Go to your OBGYN
  • I hope you are old enough to have a baby-- if so, have you tried ovulation predictors??? Have you gone to the OB/GYN to ensure you or your partner are physically capable. If you have been efortlessly trying the "conventional way", either of you may have an issue. He could have a low sperm count or you could have an incompetent uterous. Sometimes going on birth control for a few months helps-- then when you go off BC after a few months, your hormones are elevated, and many women get pregnant. I did, after 4 months. Hope you are ready when it happens--
  • The doctor will say to wait at least 1yr. It's probably because you're trying to hard like IDLE said. Relax (repeat) And also like they said; see your doctor!
  • ok now I know this sounds nuts, but it took me years to get pregnant and here is what my doctor actually told me, to relax, if your stressed out and thinking about it, it probably wont happen right away, Then he said when we did have sex, afterwards to lay against a wall with my legs up in the air for a few minutes after, lol seriously.... that way stuff went where it was suppose to instead of coming back out, sorry to sound nasty, but I did it, and my son is 13 ..
  • after you get all those nice tests done to see if you or your partner are physically able to, then the key is really relaxing. letting go. one solution is to consider adaptation to take the stress of. there have been many couple who were only able to have their own child after already adapting one earlier.
  • The best way is to adamantly change your mind. say to yourself "I don't want kids ever, I hate the little rug rats"! You'll be knocked up before the egg knows what hit it! LOL!
  • depends on if you have you period every 28 or 30 days if its 28 days its 14 days before your period you should have sex if its 30 days you have sex 16 days your periond eathier 14 or 16 on your 14 or 16 day thats when you are most fertile make sense
  • In addition to seeing a doctor, try checking out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility to learn more about ovulation, fertility, etc
  • im depressed, frustrated in having a baby... weve been trying for 5 years now... but still nothing..
  • It doesn't have a complicate process just get busy with your partner!
  • Try Geritol the liquid it helped me. With my first now I have five and it is hell.
  • the more you think about it, the less chance of it happening, forget about , have sex, enjoy it and it will eventually happen,
  • I agree with the others, you need to get laid more.
  • a few: reducing stress. eating regularly. getting your period on a regular schedule.
  • You should consult your doctor if you've been trying for eight months without success.
  • Hard to give you a answer when I don't know your history, age, if you smoke ect.. you should take to your doctor. GL and god bless.
  • First, talk to your doctor to make sure there isn't anything wrong with either you or your partner. Next, relax. Stress can make getting pregnant even harder. Last, track when you ovulate to make sure you are trying on the best days.
  • First thing is to RELAX. The more you worry about it, the longer it takes. See your doctor soon and find out what's going on with you and your s/o.
  • hm i dont know but if u get pregnant from listing to all the other ppl who said on how to let me know bc i've been trying to get pregnant for a year now and i have succes with it so please let me know if any of the anwsers above work out [: thanks and good luck
  • i ment i have no succes with it.
  • the best thing you can do is to stop smoking drinking and taking drugs thats if you do any of those things and make sure you take a multivitamin designed for before you become pregnant and make sure you have sex regular approx 2-3 times per week if no pregnancy occurs after 18 months of trying go to the doctors and he should refer you for some tests and try to be patient i know this is difficult when you want something so bad i tried for a baby for 4 years and 7 months and i finally fell pregnant so miracles do happen as i am proof best of luck x x x
  • -have sex during ovulation! ( 3/4days before and after ovulation ). -Have sex in the missionary position. -After your partner climaxes, he should immediately pull out, then you should elevate your pelvis with pillows to assist the flow of seaman to the uterus. -Check with you OB/GYN. -have a sex in a different time. some related book :
  • Try pre seed and take a preg vitamin
  • apparently your stud in shooting blanks. If you would like, i would be glad to help.
  • eating ice cream and other dairy products can help. i heard that on the news one time.
  • See a doctor. There is no way for anyone on this site to know your fertility/medical history and details enough to give any really useful advice.
  • I have been trying for a year i went to see my gyno and i took clomid and it seemed to work for others but now me... i know several people who tried clomid.... i didnt pay but 10$ for it.
  • Visit and put in exact dates of you periods. They will make a calendar telling you what days to have ses. It worked for me twice!
  • Why would you want a baby in the 1st place? It's good 2 be infertile, give it up.
  • Well, it's been two years since you asked -- got baby yet?
  • Have you tried sex? I mean straight sex with yours and your MALE partner's genitals with no condom. Do not allow him to pull out when having an orgasm. Do this for several times a day for weeks and weeks. You should yield some sort of result. ...God, I'm so hot right now.
  • if you have been trying for 8 months you can go to a fertility clinic. Most fertility clinics wont see u unless you have been tryin for at least 6 months. So, thats always an option, just to see if your fertile. On the other hand you can just keep trying. Maybe right now just isnt the right time and God is trying to show you that. I tried for years with different people and thought i couldnt have kids. when i met my husband i ended up pregnant a month after i met him and was ready financially and emotionally. So, keep trying but maybe Gods just tryin to show you that right now just might not be the right time for whatever reason it may be. But good luck honey and look at your option and try to think about if your really ready for a baby right now. Its ALOT of work.
  • keep trying, keep track of your ovulation cycle. sometimes it just takes people longer than others. i know lots of couples that tried for a year or more and it finally happened for them without fertility treatments. my one friend that used fertility treatments had twins, so watch out if you aren't sure you're ready for multiples
  • A sure fire way to get pregnant is simply to cheat on your partner.
  • one word: pray
  • Be sure that your mate is at maximum penetration when he is climaxing. If he is below average in length, after he climaxes raise your vagina up, so that the sperm flows downward.
  • 1) To help yourself relax, I would recommend going to see an accupuncturist that specialized in fertility. 2) Do not go on an airplane between the time you ovulate and until you know you are not pregnant. The change in pressure can affect the implantation process 3) avoid very cold foods & cold drinks (i.e. ice cold water, ice cream) 4) Go to bed before 10pm every night (and get 8 hours sleep a night) 5) Visit your OBGYN- get tested and do a month of cycle monitoring (usually they won't take you until you have been trying for 1 month) I also agree with the other posts, use the ovulation kits to see when you are ovulating.
  • Relax and let go of this obsession for one. There are fertility doctors down the line. There is adoption that is the best idea.

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