• One that comes to mind is this pull string bugs bunny toy that said things like "hey ya take me with ya" We use to laugh our assesw off pullng his string.
  • Atari 2600
  • That's a tough one since they are bringing back all kinds of toys. Hrm..glowworm they brought back..uh..strawberry shortcake they brought back...hmm. I used to have a Big Bird from Seasame Street that had a cassette deck in the back of him and his mouth and eyes would move as he told the stories on the tape. Heh I know they have variations of it now but I hve yet to see the Big Bird character again.
  • i liked teddy ruckspin, yes i was born in the 80s
  • A golliwog named Topo gigo. Certainly do not sell it now for politically correct reasons.
  • SNES -_- f**k next gen consoles!!!!!
  • It was a Fisher Price Little People castle. My mom threw it away >;-(. I recenlty bought one from eBay and it's AWESOME, with it's secret passageways and nooks and crannie and other general awesomeness.
  • A gollywog. In the 1940's we read books about Little Black Sambo..and played with a soft black doll with tiny pigtails(braids)all over her head. I really loved mine. Today these books and toys would be considered racist and politically incorrect...probably rightly so.
  • snappits

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