• Same thing when I hear a black person uses it. I just disregard it.
  • Consider it racist and vile.
  • damn cracker ass....
  • That depends on if they are saying it to be racist or to try and fit in which either way is wrong. If they are being racist and directing it at a black person I think " How sad ! " because they are so ignorant. if it's to fit in it's also sad but what's going through my mind is " That's why it should not be used at all !" Everytime someone is asked why is it okay for black people and not white people it's always the same whack response " Uh..Cause ...see's coo' for us cause we don't mean it like that " As a black woman it's never cool . Peace
  • I have some white male friends who use that particular word. It doesn't bother me because they are not trying to be mean. Their intentions are still good.
  • I cannot abide the word spoken by anybody but I especially hate to hear a black person say it as they should know better. When people have died for their rights who do some of these rap artist/singers think they are to use the word for sensationalism. They should be punished for the use of the word just like anybody else would be
  • Honestly,,,,,it makes me doubt their IQ level. I'm serious.
  • I think they are trash
  • i think ignorance, they may not mean to be hurtful, but all it takes is for them to be near somebody who will get angry. it's ignorance usually, but sometimes it's racism. either way it's ugly and there should be at least some effort to not say it
  • I look at their eyes to see which meaning of the word was intended. The spirit of the word is the only thing that counts. And then I duck, and watch for the inevitable mob to lynch them. It's very interesting to watch the wide variety of reactions. There is certainly little freedom of expression in America when a person is socially judged and hung by their vocabulary, rather than their intention. We don't live in times of slavery anymore. And every generation will have a completely different meaning for words. I prefer to respect all generations and customs. I hear the N word used with affection, pride, humor, sarcasm, irony, rebuke, and also meanness, disrespect, insult, or verbal violence. Context and tone change everything. It's not the word that offends me. When someone uses ANY word as a put-down, it's the derogatory insult that I put a stop to, no matter what word is chosen.
  • What a racist prick.
  • god what a racist
  • it depends on how they say it
  • It depends on how they meant it. If they used it b/c of a certain part of black culture (rap,hiphop) or because they had black friends around, I usually hope that the person (and their company) refrains from using the word (no matter what their race is). If they meant it in a racist way, I usually move over a few step or out the room....that scares me a bit and there's no need for me to be around the person.
  • I think, "Uggh...seriously? Gosh..."
  • it depends on their tone & the mood. if it's easy to see that he's joking & that others don't really mind, then, okay. otherwise, i'd probably think that he was a racist.
  • They are Stupid people with Stupid Sense of mind :)
  • I think they are waiting to be killed.
  • Emotions out of control.
  • Double standard with “the n-word” It is two-faced of civil rights leaders to make a mountain out of mole hill with the comedian/actor Michael Richards’s affair where he used the word “nigger” multiple times. Black comedians on the Black Entertainment Channel can scream “nigger” and the audience will scream with laughter with some almost falling out of their chairs. Pardon my French, but if a Nigger says “nigger” he is not engaged in a racist tirade and he can get paid top dollar for doing it. Sillier yet, the word “nigger” is so taboo that some people are expected to make reference to it by saying “the n-word”. We do not have a “g-word” for “gringo”, nor an “r-word” for “rag head”, “c-word” for “camel jockey”, “d-word” for “dago”, “s-word” for “slant eyes”, “j-word” for “jew boy”, “p-word” for “pale face”, “h-word” for “honkey”, or other nicknames for “peckerwoods”, “white boys”, “chink”, “greaser”, “chili stomper”, “redneck”, “yellow monkeys”, “gooks”, “beaners”, “mojados”, “pollocks”, “ruszkis”, “dinks”, or other ethnic slurs.
  • It doesn't depend on their intent, they know it offends some people yet they choose to use it rather than anyone of the other possible terms.

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