• 8 chances out of 14, whatever that is....
  • Well, your BC is usually not effective anyways while using an antibiotic, so if you have had sex your chances are much higher. It also depends on what week of pills you are on....I think I read in my yaz packet that its during the last full week of pills that you are more likely to get pregnant if you miss one. It could be different though for different BC's.
  • more than you want to know. just pray your guy was shooting blanks.
  • Depends... have you been near many weiners lately?
  • Say "Hello" to motherhood unless you used a condom.
  • How old are you? You really should have researched the procedure of birth control before you went at it. Antibiotics almost always counteract the effectiveness of the pill, leaving you very susceptible to pregnancy. Second of all, missing 6 pills out of 14 days is just careless. You need to build a routine with your pills and take them regardless of any circumstance. Careless people get pregnant all of the time and really should take the initiative to learn what they're getting themselves into. Hopefully you used backup methods, and if you didn't you're going to need to take a trip to the Gyno or the local drugstore to pick up a test.
  • Very, very, very, very good. Birth control even used PERFECTLY is less effective when you're on anti-biotics. You may want to think about a method that works better for you - maybe something that you have to think less about, like the NuvaRing. That gets changed monthly. Take a pregnancy test when your next period is due.
  • not all antibiotics effect birth control. You can find a list of antibiotics that do, or just double check the one you were on with the brand of your pill...but...with missing the pill that much, (unless you've been on it faithfully prior) there is a good chance you could get pregnant...but i refuse to preach to you and tell you "you are a bad girl!" maybe deep down inside you would like to get pregnant...or maybe you just need to set a reminder on your cell phone to take ur pill ;) good luck!

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