• This is my stats. Questions: 1494 points. Answers: 5954.
  • As of this posting: Average points of questions: 21.79 Average points of answers: 5.87
  • Questioner, with an average of 13.3 points per question.
  • Questioner! Q = 35.3 A = 7
  • This is my current stats. Subs Pts. Average Questions: 537 7962 14.83 Answers: 3948 24100 6.104 It looks like I am the better the asker than the answerer. I usually put some thought on questions.
  • Answerer ... many of my questions have yet to be answered.
  • All questions and answers average since April 2, 2005 Answers - 12.194 points per answer Questions - 20.697 points per question. ~~~~~~~~~ From Feb 26, 2007 - Dec 27, 2007 (after implementation of the points system and the ensuing huge influx of new users). Also, questions became rate-able only after AB implemented the points system. Answers - 13.34 points per answer Questions - 33.68 points per question ** When the points system began (Nov 15, 2006), existing users were ranked at "Expert" and below. No one could give more than 3 points to either questions or answers. Now, a little over a year later, more people can award more points than ever before.
  • Answerer. But I only have 67 questions to my name, some of which are still unanswered.
  • Questions--893 points Answers--38620 looks like I am much better at answers.
  • Answers 1580 Answers with 7361 points, working out to an average of 4.659 points per answer Questions 100 Questions with 1191 points, working out to an average of 10.827 points per question. I guess my questions get a better reception than my answers, I was expecting it to be the other way around.
  • Questions: 8.05 points per question Answers: 4.76 points per answer I have 97% positive ratings for both questions and answers. I'd still say I am a better answerer. It is just that when you answer so many questions you don't always get rated. Almost all questions get rated if they make sense.
  • 97% on both for me. I guess I'm a balanced ABer. xD
  • answerer. most of my questions were googled.
  • 97% questions and 96% answers...but i have only asked a few questions and I answer all day long.
  • I have 98% for both answers and questions. I think I'm a better answerer, though. I very rarely ask questions.
  • As of now, the average from all the Q&A I've put in (From both my old and new accounts) is: -Answers = 5.50 points. -Questions = 9.88 points. So apparently I'm a better questioner. But then again, these stats are probably skewed by the fact that I tend to go through and answer whatever questions I find interesting, without paying much attention to how old they are, so I don't get as many points on average as someone who answers questions while they're still 'Hot' and on the homepage.
  • I seem to be a better questioner.
  • I guess I'm a way better answerer than a person who comes up with questions.
  • No, Troll, it really depends on two things, the type of question it is whereas I will anawer it to the best of my ability or in a humorous way - sometimes to the chagrin of the questioner. Also, if I am tired, I will only come on here to read not answer or comment. I also think that the longer you are on AB, the better acquainted you become with the format and the feel for the type of categories that will befit you and you go looking least I do. So it all comes together in the end.
  • According to my profile: "Questions: 284 2337 94% Answers: 5884 20508 97% " That means: 8,23 pts/Q 3,49 pts/A I became certainly much more points pro question. On the other hand, I have a quite better +% rate for my answers. The reason could just be that people in average get more points for questions than for answers. I consider myself as a better answerer than questioner. However, if I wanted to get more points in the same time, I should probably spent more of my time asking questions.
  • Questions: #552 6198pts 99% Answers: #870 5280pts 99% I get more points for each question I ask, hence the fact I ask a lot of those :) But I feel I'm more thorough in the answers I give. And better at giving details and useful insights when I answer. So since your question says based on points, I'll say questioner. But per me, answerer. I don't know if anyone else could approve of this ... but that's what I believe is true. :)
  • im new but i would say answerer with a average of 6 per answer
  • Id say questioner. I love asking questions. Im not that a good answerer.

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