• Follow the link to the TweakUI page: On this site there's links to both the Windows XP and Windows 2000/Me/98 version of TweakUI. Install it following the instructions (it's really easy and only takes a few seconds), and then once TweakUI is installed go into it (in the older version of TweakUI which I use, you go to it via the Control Panel and double click on its icon). Once it's loaded, you get an applet with a lot of categorised tabs. Click on Paranoia, and you'll see a "Things that happen behind your back" section. If Autoplay is disabled on your computer, the two tickboxes will be empty - tick them both and hit Apply. Ok to close the box, and you're done - if CDs can Autoplay now, they will Autoplay. If you're running XP, the interface is probably slightly different, but as I don't use XP (can't stand it, but that's another matter entirely) I can't tell you exactly what to click where to reenable Autoplay. It's not too hard though I'd imagine, the TweakUI help files are some of the only truly helpful help files Microsoft have made. ;) If the boxes are checked, but the problem of CDs not autorunning persists on your machine, your CD drives don't have Auto-Insert Notification enabled. This will only work on Windows Me and earlier (and doesn't apply to Windows 2000 onwards, by the way), but to reenable them in 98 and before, perform the following steps: Click Start, Settings, and Control Panel. Double-click the System icon and select the Device Manager tab. Select your CD-ROM drive, click the Properties button, and then select the Settings tab. Tick the Auto Insert Notification check box, save your changes, and then reboot the PC if necessary. You can always re-enable Auto Insert Notification later if you wish. To alter the Auto Insert Notification settings for Windows 2000 and XP (XP Professional only, XP Home doesn't have the more advanced features Group Policy Editor is included in), follow the instructions on this page - - but just do the inverse where it says "disable autoplay." TweakUI normally does this all for you without having to use the Group Policy Editor, but sometimes Windows needs a small kick up the arse to properly effect a registry change.

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