• Because there is no "official" atheist position on anything aside from the lack of belief in a god, this particular belief will vary greatly from person to person. You will find a great deal of scholarly discussion as to the existence of the "historical Jesus", which would be Jesus/Joshua the Jewish man living under the rule of Rome who would have been executed at approximately 33 A.D. Historians seem to disagree on this, and sometimes it is based on (in my opinion) their pre-existing bias as Christians or Atheists. The physical existence of Jesus is not definitively proven in the same way that his contemporaries (Caesar Augustus) or his predecessors (Socrates) have been. However most historical aspects of the Gospels line up with the known facts, and the existence of his followers can be verified nearly all the way back to the conjectured time of his death. So the existence of such a man can't be ruled out. It is hard to say, based on evidence, whether it can be definitively proven. But really it's almost irrelevant to a Christian whether the "historical Jesus" can be proven, when they are more interested in the "biblical Jesus" who was the Son of God, who walked on water, and who rose from the dead. It is impossible to physically prove these spiritual qualities, and I can't imagine any atheist believing in a biblical Jesus who had these abilities, without also believing in a god (and therefore not being an atheist). What you may find are atheists (such as myself) who believe in the possibility of a historical Jesus without any belief in a biblical one. By that I mean, some atheists believe that there was a human philosopher, teacher, and leader, who lived by that name and was killed by the Romans, and that his followers have persisted in his name. They would say that aspects of the biblical story, such as the miracles, the Virgin Birth, and the resurrection, were added to the story over time to elevate the human Jesus to a god-equivalent in their religious offshoot of Judaism. These atheists may regard Jesus in the same way as the Buddha, or Muhammed, or Abraham, as extraordinary human beings who had a powerful effect on the world that has lasted to this very day. They may also accept that his teachings were wise and compassionate, and follow the Golden Rule, without believing in the supernatural aspects of the biblical account. But you will also find atheists who do not believe in a historical Jesus either, and who find that the whole story is a myth compiled from bits and pieces of other religions that involved the offspring of deities who were killed and rose from the dead. There are elements of many pagan religions that strongly resemble Christianity; as they were swallowed up by the Roman empire, those elements were added to the myth. Without sufficient evidence to prove otherwise, both positions are equally reasonable, even if both positions may prove distasteful to the religious. Once again, it is a matter of faith.
    • Nick Batchelor
      Thanks for your comments. I find it very interesting that no one ever doubts the experience of the Apostle Paul yet he had much faith and wrote all about it.
  • I'm an atheist and i believe he existed. However the events in the gospels never happened.
    • RareCatch
    • Nick Batchelor
      How do you feel about all the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled? For one man to fulfill all of them has to make one think that there was something special in this man.
  • There are several historical verifications of the person know as Jesus. An educated person (atheist or not) would have to admit historically, that Jesus lived in the middle east and was a real person.
    • RareCatch
    • Venus1485
      No, there ae really none at all.
  • I would certainly hope so. They are the ones who usually claim ownership of "the fact". The fact that an individual atheist denys that Jesus even lived certainly reveals some "emotional baggage" that they are carrying around in life. An individual like that would certainly have an agenda. Consider what Time Magazine said : Time magazine reported, “To deny that the single most powerful figure, not merely in these two millenniums but in all human history, has been Jesus of Nazareth.” It added: “A serious argument can be made that no one else’s life has proved remotely as powerful and enduring as that of Jesus.” The reference work, The Historians’ History of the World” observed: “The historical result of Jesus’ activities was more momentous, even from a strictly secular standpoint, than the deeds of any other character of history. A new era, recognized by the chief civilizations of the world, dates from his birth”. In December of 2002, the heading of a Wall Street Journal editorial stated: “Science Can’t Ignore Jesus.” It’s writer concluded: “Most scholars, barring the stray atheist, have already accepted Jesus of Nazareth as a historical person”.
    • Nick Batchelor
      Hey Perryman! Nice comments.
    • Venus1485
      You're wrong. Jesus isn't historical but just mythological.
  • I am atheist/Satanist and I do believe that Jesus Christ existed. I do not know a whole lot about Christianity and it's happenings and events, but I know all the basics and a little beyond the basics.
    • Nick Batchelor
      You know about Satan but not about Jesus and what he stands for? You should read and study about the life and ministry of Jesus in the Bible. It's strange you would believe God doesn't exist but Satan does.
    • Creamcrackered
      Satanism isn't always theist in belief, some merely believe in worshipping the self.
  • I am indeed athiest, and I believe Jesus Christ lived around 2000 years ago, and was a nice bloke with a beard, nothing more
    • Nick Batchelor
      Nothing more?? Have you read his thoughts and teachings? He taught love and has God's power. No man on earth like him ever lived.
  • This is worth repeating. Atheists are not a homogenous group with a shared set of beliefs. There is only one thing they agree on, the non-existence of a supreme being. Outside of that, you can't draw any conclusions or regard them as a group. It would be like talking about the beliefs of non-bowlers. Atheism is not a religion.
  • i would say yes. atheists do. they just don't believe he was God's son. (i'm a christian.. so i guess i'm not exactly sure what they think...) but that is what i would guess, since there is historical evidence saying he did exist.
  • Atheism is the acceptance of self responsibilty, that is owning oneself. People underestimate themselves and there own sense of strength. We ourselves are Gods, we are the sons and daughters of creation, creation being infinite and having no beginning that we know of. When Moses asked God his name God stated "I am who I am", therefore when Christians or religious people ask, where do you come from? I answer the same "I am who I am". The Bible offers no human being any form of enlightenment, it simply dulls the senses and interlect! WE ARE WHO WE ARE, so make the most of that, don't deny yourselves your humanistic given right to be you yourselves great Philosophers and pillars of learning. Jesus was a peace maker and a man of his time yes he was real and we hung him on a Cross and put him to death for all time. Many men and more importantly women have made equally as important sacrifices, yet there memories and stories are lost to us all.
  • Different answers are required for different people, I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything in particular but merely sharing my view whether that be an answer or a view. I myself am discovering new things each day that I read and talk to different people or simply sit alone an ponder my own grasp of humankind. I'm a novice in the scheme of thinking if you need to title me, but someday I hope to reach a theory that will dazzle my mind and keep me longing for more. My only hope is that there are know answers as life with answers dull our very existance and create comfort zones in turn putting an end to creativity and invention. Am I an Athiest?
  • Maybe he did.... but did he walk on water...naaaa dont believe that for a second!
  • Perhaps they should consider this, but who knows?
  • i do. however i dont think he was divine, just a hugely intellient conman, capable of brainwashing the masses into believing he has magic powers. and he did marry mary and have kid/s. he was the Marshall Applewhite of the time.
  • There isn't an atheist Bible so there is obviously no constant answer. Questions of this like really should be made with more care in light of this fact. Speaking for myself, I would say that I believe that Jesus or Yeshua Ben Yosef lived around 2000 years ago. I choose to believe this because of solid evidence in Roman records. I also like to think that he introduced some revolutionary concepts into the world which sadly got twisted and warped into a social control system.
  • Jesus existed approximately 2000 years ago. And so did Jesus, and Jesus, and Jesus, and Jesus, and Jesus, and that other Jesus, and whats his name, oh right, Jesus, and about a few hundred other Jesuses. Which makes the whole issue of using 1st century B.C.E. and 1st century C.E. documents to claim that Jesus Christ existed somewhat problematical: which Jesus were they talking about? None of them establish which Jesus they were talking about, only that a guy named Jesus appears in the documents. Add in that Josephus was clearly rewritten by Christians wanting to claim there was a Jesus Christ (a devout Jew would not refer to anyone as "The Messiah"), and there really is no historical way to establish that a Jesus Christ ever existed. Catholic Encyclopedia "Though about the time of Christ the name Jesus appears to have been fairly common..."
    • Nick Batchelor
      What about Tacitus?s work? Was he not specific enough?
  • Yes, there was this man, but what happened after his death is unbelievable.
  • He probably did. A good, spiritual person, like many others.
  • I am an atheist. I think there is a lot of evidence that "Jesus" lived about 2000 years ago. I dont beleive he was the son of God or that he rose from the dead. But I do believe he had good intentions.... Many of the stories about him, are stories that have been said about other religious leaders from the past, roman, greek... He mnay have died on the cross - but Im sure he didnt come back to life...
  • I cannot speak for all atheists but I do think he was a real person possibly. But maybe with a few loose bolts in the head - Either that or the stories about him were not true.
  • Such a thing doesn't apply to all atheists. Some beleive there was a man named Jesus Christ that walked the earth 2000 years ago, some do not - I fall in the catagory that doesn't beleive there is a Christ. If there was, and he really was the Son of God, don't you think it would all be recorded a bit better? Wouldn't we have some artifacts, I mean... if I was such a grand beleiver, I'd most certianly save them to my best abality. There is no real evedience outside the Bible, and even THAT was written some sixty to one hundred years after his death. Oh, and there are MANY stories that are similar to the one of Christ. Born of a virgin, walking on water, healing the sick, getting nailed to a cross/tree, et cetera. That's why I don't beleive, at least.
  • I believe that Jesus existed, but he was a ordinary man, and he that he died like a ordinary man
  • No not really, in my opinion speaking for myself. Others may differ.
  • not an atheist, but most atheists i know say they rely on logic. and logic shows that some man named "yaheshua" or something like that existed, even if he wasn't the son of God [which i don't believe in either]. but the thing is - if jesus existed, why does it matter to an atheist about what happened 2000 years ago if it doesn't personally effect him towards a religion?
  • I am a formor atheist now christian. And I just want to say to all you atheists out there that agree that there was a "historical jesus." First of all that is nonsense. Listen to what you are saying? You say that a man was crazy enough to willingly subject himself to the horror of being flogged and then crucified? Since you are athiest I will live my christian perspective out of it. Lets just look at what flogging is. To be flogged you are whipped and you are whipped with something that has hooks and leather straps and such that tears at your flesh. Now we all know that people actually were flogged by romans. Most people did not survive being flogged. So my point here. Is this. No one can be that loose in the head to willingly put themselves up to that. Also what do they gain out of it? Death? Imprissonment? Paul was beheaded and knew that he would die. To all you atheists out there I pray for you. Because it takes more faith for you to be sure there is no god than it does to be sure there is. But both christian and atheist alike we have faith. Therefor you are condemmed. And for that reason I pray for you.
  • I'm sure at that time, some guy names Jesus was alive...
  • This answer goes out to the account Formerly Known As Peyton. Ok first of all sir. I want to tell you that I respect you. Because I too was once in your shoes. But I must tell you. That being an atheist and a Satanist contradict one another. Because even though Satan is dust compared to God. He is still a Diety. Thus that completely contradicts Atheism which declares no Diety exists. So therefor if you believe in Satan you also believe in God. But it stops there. Now I just want you to know. That I have read 2 important books. Long ago I read what is known as the Satanic Bible. I am also half way through the Holy Bible. The satanic bible does mention some good points. But we don't even know what you speak of yet. So I would like to hear what you have to say.
  • I don't know about other athiests I speak for myself but no I do not believe Christ existed at all. Even though I believe there may be some life power that created everything I don't think it is anything like what religions or books have made it out to be and I definitely don't think he came to earth to work miracles and be crucified for my sins.
    • Nick Batchelor
      Are you aware of what other historians outside the Bible like Josephus have said regarding Jesus?
  • I have a correction for my last answer that I gave which was actually pretty blasphemus. Um the satanic bible seems to make a good point. But however it is not possible for the satanic bible to make anything "good." Because Satan does not stand for goodness. See God means Good. And satan Hates God. So therefor Satan CANNOT be Good. Through Good comes Truth and since Satan Hates Good Satan therefor CANNOT speak truth. So therefor the satanic CANNOT make a "Good point." What I meant was. To someone whom is unknowledgeable it may seem like the book makes a "Good point." But we see that it being bound of itself cannot do that. It would cancel itself out to do anything good. This is why Satan and Demons live in humans. Because they cannot live on their own. They must feed off of the evil deeds that we do to sustain their existance. I was hoping to have a debate but I just want anyone who thinks of Satinism to realize that it is by nature deception. Look at what Satan says to Jesus in the bible. He says something to the effect of. "I will give you all of this and all of these kingdoms if you bow down and worship me." But see that is a lie. It must be. There is no way it could be truth since Satan cannot speak truth. So therefor once you kneel to him he will not give you anything since he LIED to you. Because he is fundamentally incapable of telling any truth.
  • im athiest and i do believe that the man they call jesus did live but i dont think that he was the son of god
  • I don't think it's impossible for a man named Jesus to have existed but it's a pretty tough claim to back up. As a man, as the Son of God I find the notion absurd and laughable.
    • Nick Batchelor
      Why would it be tough to back up when historians outside the Bible do?
  • Jesus is a historical person,so none can deny his existence in the past.However atheist do not believe he was a god.
  • I do. I have no problem in believeing that Jesus was a real historical figure. Just as I believe Henry VIII, Julius Caeser, Richard the Lionheart, & Salahadin were real historical figures. I just dont believe all the supernatural stuff.
  • I am atheist and I suspect some charismatic person, possibly named Jesus, certainly refered to as "Christ" by his followers, walked the earth about 2000 years ago.
    • Nick Batchelor
      Have you always been an atheist?
  • Possibly
  • Your generalizing with a question like that, im not an athiest, I believe in past lives; I think there must have been someone named Jesus that left a strong impact associated with trajic death; probably the worlds first rock star cut short; and like Elvis, people have speculated until its no longer the truth
  • Many atheists believe that there was a person called Jesus Christ. This does not mean that they believe he was God.
    • Nick Batchelor
      Jesus never said he was God but the Son of God.
  • This atheist doesn't believe that Jesus existed. Lack of any credible evidence of his existence. The Jesus story is based upon earlier non-christian religious beliefs. Many, proclaimed messiahs existed at the time. I do believe that the modern Jesus story is an amelioration of the stories of the many messiahs and the earlier religious stories grated onto on made up individual.
  • I have no problem believing that, even though there is allegedly no proof. I do have a problem believing that he was the son of God, because there truly is no proof.
  • No problem, i definitely believe he existed, whether he was the Son of God, well that's a different thing altogether.
  • Yes, I think that a Rabbi named Jesus probably existed around then. I really don't care or think about it one way or another. I don't think he was any more then a man.
  • I think most do... I do, too.
  • Why not? I know for example that there was a minor artist with the nick name of Nightwatchdog who lived in 17th century if there can be at least 2 Nightwatchdogs in the span of recorded history - then I'm sure that there can be at least one "Jesus H Christ" in there somewhere. As to him being the son of God, ( or God to some ), I doubt that greatly - most likely he was just some charismatic faith healer who pissed off the authorities and got killed for his troubles.....
  • I do. ;-)
  • Some do, some don't. Most just don't want to be bothered. Here is a nice book, "What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?"
  • I don't know about atheists. I know I believe.
  • I don't believe he did. I'm not saying that he didn't, but I don't see sufficient data to convince me that he did.
  • American scholar Theodore Parker puts it: "Shall we be told such a man never lived, the whole story is a lie? Suppose that Plato and Newton never lived. But who did their works, and thought their thoughts? It takes a Newton to forge a Newton. What man could have fabricated a Jesus? None but Jesus.?"
    • Nick Batchelor
    • Nick Batchelor
    • ReiSan
      He is a poorly-developed fictional character who is part of a goof story line. Any amateur writer could do as well or better.
  • No, he never existed in the first place, duh.....
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      You know, he tried being a carpenter, before changing to public speaking (not a very lucrative career choice, but you do get oil rubbed on you by a prostitute). But he wasn't a very good carpenter, as archeological findings reveal...
    • ReiSan
      He certainly never existed.
  • Where would they get this knowledge???if not from the Bible???
  • I for one do not Think (not merely Believe) such a person ever existed. No one wrote a word about him during his alleged contradictory lifetime. If he did half what the Bible claims, everyone would have been writing about him when he did those things. Many accounts of him are much later forged additions by medieval Christian monk copyists of old books. The Bible has many serious contradictions about him. The Bible displays a change in the basic tale about him as time passed. He cannot be both Messiah and son of God, as Judaism believes but Christianity denies. Some additions to the basic tale cause contradictions.
  • This one believes Jesus Christ is just a fictional character in a book, who never lived on Earth at all.
  • The Jews don't believe Jesus Christ was the Messiah either. The only ones who know He did are those that believe in Jesus Christ. It takes faith to know Jesus Christ is real. The Lord God and Jesus Christ have been given a bad Wrap because of the lies perpetrated by the church making law where there is no law (modern day Pharisees). The church has made their Anti-stands so broad those who would believe and become Christians are fearful. In Actuality the Bible gives much freedom but the lies from the church have changed this. This is the main reason I have no use for churches. The Lord God and Jesus Christ are very real and they love us here on earth.
  • Atheist answer. I think that there were people who were believed to be messiahs/ believed themselves to be messiahs. Some would have been good, revolutionary people who probably met a similar end at the hands of the Romans. The biblical Jesus could have been based on one of them (or more than one). Son of God? Nope. His/their real story? Nope. Jesus was a real name? Dunno. If they actually based it on a real person (big IF), the various writers of the Bible embellished this person/people to include miraculous exploits, exclude normal "sinful" human behaviors, and meet the changing narratives the authors wanted over the years. The end result is an unrealistic, unbelievable character.
  • I don't, and many scholars agree. There's no evidence at all for him and strong arguments against him.
  • depends on the person, everyone is different
  • I’ve met some who don’t
  • In what sense, though? A Semitic man, born around 0 AD (give or take a couple years) and died around 33 AD (give or take a couple years) with a name like Yeshua or Jesus or Iasus or Joshua or whatever, (all common names from the time) who was executed by crucifixion (a common form of execution for the time and culture), I'd say almost certainly there was someone who vaguely fits that description (just by the law of averages). On the other hand, if he was God or the Son of God and died to release the world from sin, yet rose again from the dead, then that would certainly blow a hole through atheistic beliefs, so I'd say that it's safe to say that atheists, generally, do not believe in that.
  • most atheists believe Christ did because it is proven history. Any atheist that doesn't believe this is uneducated and just kidding themselves
    • bostjan64
      Proven? Howso?
  • Nobody knows for sure, because none of us was here that long ago.
  • Yes, many Atheists believe Jesus Christ lived on Earth a little over 2000 years ago, including the big fish of Atheism:
  • That Jesus lived is not even a religious question. Here is what the great non-believing historian Will Durant said: That a few simple men should in one generation have invented so powerful and appealing a personality, so lofty an ethic and so inspiring a vision of human brotherhood, would be a miracle far more incredible than any recorded in the Gospels. After two centuries of Higher Criticism the outlines of the life, character, and teaching of Christ, remain reasonablyclear, and constitute the most fascinating feature in the history of Western man.”

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