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  • As long as the fight doesn't end your relation.Or if its a fight of love!
  • Doesn't matter for me personally, as long as the fight doesn't become physical [ie. violent]. It also depends on the relationship [I tend to argue more with loved ones than with friends] For romantic relationships, I doubt it counts. "If two people always agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary."
  • I suppose that depends on what you mean by fighting. Zero physical and some differences of opinion, which I believe are healthy. You just have to love and respect the other person and if it comes down to it agree to disagree, kiss and make-up. Don't ever go to sleep with hard feelings.
  • It depends on the personalities involved. Zero tolerance on physical fighting, but depending on the types of people, some squabble all the time and others quietly agree and do what they want anyway. The more alike they are the more they quibble over little things that seem silly to those of us on the outside.

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