• Quite possibly, yes. It would be pretty obvious if your roommate was doing this, especially in an apartment. Is the apartment in both of your names? Your roommate could lie and say the plants were all yours. Lots of factors. Better safe than sorry... move out or get a new roommate.
  • Probably so, and jail sucks. A Lot!
  • You could be charged with being an accessory.
  • Laws vary world wide, but it is quite possible that you could also be charged as an accessory ... it would be up to the prosecutor to prove you knew, and up to the judge to decide the degree of your guilt (if any).
  • You are living there aware that he is growing you are guilty also. If the police came you would be arrested along with him. If this is really need to find a new place to live before something happens.
  • Legally, it would have to be in a common shared space IE the kitchen, living room etc.
  • Fun has it right - if it is in a common area, then it is shared space and you too could be a felon. If it is in his/her bedroom, then probably not unless you knew about it explicitly (like you told someone else and they told the cops) or if the cops busted the place while you two were doing some product testing in his/her bedroom. Generally, though - get the hell out. You might not go to jail, but it is not an experience you want to go through.

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