• Content isn't exactly what I would hope to hear. It's almost insulting, if you don't mind me saying.
  • Content: He likes you the way you are and wouldn't change a thing about you. Happy: Being with you makes him happy. If he says they're one and the same then.. Content: He likes you the way you are and wouldn't change a thing about you. Being with you makes him happy. Happy: See content.
  • Maybe you should give him a script so he can say it the way you want to hear.
  • I do believe in the difference between happy and content. Content = comfortable. Happy is a very strong feeling. I'm content to sit at home and watch movies night after night, but seeing my family makes me happy. It really is different. Though, in his defense (possibly) he could be making the connection of the words without realizing that it really is two different things. That's the hard part about the English language- it's easy not to completely 100% know what any given word means and still use it. Good luck!
  • there's a difference, according to the dictionary. But what he meant is what he meant... and if they're one in the same to him...
  • Well being content is being opinion, but does not necessarily does it mean happy.
  • No comment....
  • I wouldn't take it as an insult, I think it's nice that you make another person feel content, take it as a compliment and don't try and force him to use words he isn't happy with :)
  • You could ask him exactly what does he mean by perfectly content. I dont think I would appreciate that kind of remark either. So I would ask whats up???
  • Thety mean the same to me. I think you are just reading into things too much.
  • let him say it he will like you more if you try to understand him he is just saying that and not like for content is more comfortable
  • If they mean one and the same to the person who said it. Then that's fine with me :)
  • I think it depends on the person. I had one boyfriend who would say things like that and I guess he didn't mean it. We didn't even have a fight until after we broke up and I didn't even know that anything was wrong until the end because he always acted like everything was so perfect. Insincere flattery hurts people in the end when you find out there was no meaning behind the words to begin with.
  • Content doesn't do it for me either. If their feelings for you don't make you want to do back flips or shout out in the air, than it's just as good as seeing a casual friend for sex. Something you want to discuss with them to find out why or where is the relationship headed. Saves yourself from burning important time in your life with someone who doesn't really care. Ask to find out...
  • I don't like the word content, it makes me think of someone who stays where they are because its secure and safe, not necissarily for love

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