• I think it's just a quick point fix. Shameful.
  • I think all the people that took the time to notice that I reached Guru yesterday were sincere. I doubt they would have checked in to say something nice and post pictures if they hated my guts.
  • I have always wished no points were given for those questions. We would do it anyway but someone seems to always be lurking around waiting for the levels to change and jump on it especially if that person isn't even friends with them. I love those questions and love to send congrats but skip the points.
  • I think it's probably some of each... or Maybe people who are sincere to some extent, but if it wouldn't for the points just wouldn't bother saying anything publicly?
  • I'm so aware of the 'quick point fix' as you call it that I don't congrats everybody anymore, even though I may be happy for anybody that gains a level and has stayed on this site to join our community. But I do congrats people that I have talked to commented with and enjoyed their questions and answers. And I am very happy for them. I wish I didn't feel the need to look over my shoulder if I answer these questions, if I from my heart want to congrats them. I wish there weren't points for these questions or if there were, they would go to the person only and not the questioner. Then again, sometimes when I'm in a jolly mood I feel like all the point giving is just part of the celebrating and is a good thing.
  • I wish the ABer who is being congratulated got all the points, not the person who posts the question. I think most of the time it is sincere.
  • Not all of them are. Many are heartfelt and genuine. It's easy to figure out who is point farming and who isn't. When you see the same people congratulating others over and over again, it's clear, IMO, they are doing it for points. I will be reaching GURU level shortly. It is my sincerest hope that the person who asks my question will be a friend of mine. If not, I will actually be a bit irritated.
  • I think its great to be able to show the people who have reached certain levels they are appreciated by the AB family and really value the time and effort they have shown in making AB what it is ...the best site on the Internet!
  • Who cares? The congratulations questions are a nice gesture.
  • Half and half, probably. But even a congrats that was just for points is still fun to get.
  • I congratulate wholeheartedly so it matters not if the person posting the question really feels it. I have never been congratulated but thats the way of life and I'm only a Brain :o)
  • Half of them are just a quick point fix, but half are seriously meant! To tell the difference I look at the wording first, then I check the askers friends list to see if the congratulatee is on it. For example "Who wants to congratulate xxxx for becoming a sage?" that imo is a quick point thing and although I may offer my congrats, depending on who it is and what for, I would not point the asker. But "Who wants to congratulate my friend, the great, the wonderful, xxxx on becoming out latest sage?" that would make me check the askers friends list for xxxx, if he is on it then points given, if not then no points.
  • Ironic how all the high ranked people answered saying they didnt do it for the points LOL But thats just me
  • I would like to believe that it's sincere. If I badly needed the points I would just moderate and earn more than 1,000 points a day.

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