• Absolutely not. And this especially goes for music (I can't be a poster child for every cause... and movie makers allow rental anyhow). Stealing music directly affects the musician. The record companies may not care too much about one or two album sales... but I can promise you the artist feels it. They are paid two ways: Royalties from album sales, and their flat pay for a tour. The Album sale royalties are generally split thus: The melody writer gets 50%, the lyricist gets 50%. The arrangement (drums, bass, vocals, whatever) get whatever the other guys decide he gets. So, unless you're the songwriter, you're pretty much at the mercy of the generosity of your bandmates. Which is why George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, lead singer for the top grossing metal band of all time as of now, only makes about 50 grand a year, including touring. And he almost NEVER gets to see his wife and children!
  • Believe? Strange word to use... but yep, sorry but yes. I do music any way, not films, that takes too long. So shoot me. But you'll have to find me first.
  • Depends on the artist - I will sample things online via downloading them, and if I like the artist will purchase some of their music. Movies are different - I feel that I'm paying the theater moreso than the actors or the studio when I shell out $10.50 on a Friday night for one ticket to watch a movie. I'd rather enjoy it at home - so I'll wait and rent, or download if I can find it.
  • well my dad is a copyright lawyer, and he is totally against it, but the way isee it is, there are so many ways to get free music, it doesnt realy matter to me anymore. i burn cds, and download, i thin kyou just have to be careful with the illegally downloading of stuff, because they do kee an eye on it.
  • I download both. I just can't see the exorbitant prices as justifiable. It's so common these days that it's moot at this point whether or not it's illegal, people will still do it and get away with it. It's kinda silly seeing illegal downloaders paying fines and going to jail in this society where drug pushers and murderers are glorified to a disgusting level.
  • Do I believe it is right? No. Do I believe that it happens? Yes. Do I do it? Sometimes a friend and I will share music by burning CDs, but I do feel guilty. I know that the artist is depending on the sale of their work to make a living and I am cheating if I pirate their work rather than pay for it. I don't pirate movies or software. And I will usually purchase music before I will borrow or steal it.
  • It's a big misconception that the "illegal download of music and video" is hurting the industry. In fact many lesser known artists and movie makers intentionally PUT their work out to be downloaded because it's free publicity. When it comes to movies, in a lot of situations if a person downloads and likes a movie, then they will be inclined to go out and buy a DVD of that movie for their collection (since when you download a movie it's usually just the movie, and no extras or commentary or deleted scenes etc.) It's a statistical fact that less people are buying CDs and going to see movies in theaters. However this isn't because of people downloading. I've seen a download movie from a theater, and honestly it's a miserable watch. A shaky home video camera with candy wrappers crinkling and people walking in front of it. Plus it lacks the movie experience. The reason many people don't go to the movies any more is because it's becoming down right pointless to shell out $8, $9, $10+ per ticket, to go in and listen to people talk and text people on their cell phones. A long time ago people enjoyed movies more because it was a formal affair. You would get dressed up in a suit and tie or your Sunday best, and make an evening of it. Now when I go to the movie I find myself seeing the latest or earliest showing possible and praying there's no one else in there so I can at least enjoy myself. Going to the movies has become a Russian roulette of enjoyment. As for music, people are having a harder and harder time finding the urge to pay upwards of $20+ to buy a 2 cent CD that they will listen to one song off of. Most people I know DO pay for music, through I-Tunes or something of that nature, because buying an artist's whole CD isn't worth it. Is the industry taking a hit? Perhaps a production company only made 45.7 billion dollars as opposed to 45.6 billion. It's hard to feel sorry for people that are whining that they aren't making AS MANY millions when the rest of us just want to feed ourselves and our families. What do you do when the price of a product goes out of control? You boycott. And if the company is smart, they will bring the price down, and people will buy again. If record and film companies wish for people to stop "illegally" downloading, then I say they should make less incentive for people to.
  • Yes I think advertising should be able to pay the royalty fees and such. But I don't condone doing it illegally.
  • OH HELL NO......ONLY SELFISH SONSABITCHES DO THAT.. now think about;d YOU like it if you were an artist and had your work stolen this way???????????? everyone likes music/movies, you selfish bastards aren't the only ones....ONLY THING IS, MOST OF US PAY FOR THIS ENTERTAINMENT AND in doing so, honor the artists/performers who made it!!!! JEEEEZE what a selfish world we live in, or rather what selfish bastards live in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No, there is a serious misunderstanding in how professional musicians make money but mostly we don't care if they make a living or not. We just like their music so we want to take it for free.
  • No, I don't believe in that. If you never have to pay for your movies and music, then the film and music industries would lose money and go out of business. If artists don't get paid, they don't work.
  • I see no harm as long as the artists are compensated through the advertising on the site.
  • It's legal to movies online for free
  • What does that achieve exactly? I personally think the market users (I don't believe in "consumers") are much more smarter and savvy than they were 50 years ago. If movie and music companies really want to up their profits from the "free tide" then they need to become smarter too. Simply demanding people pay top dollar for second rate movies and music because it's what the companies want to charge is anti-capitalist and simply unsustainable. Sure some people will do it anyway, but most people will pay for it and the merchandise if it's good quality.
  • Sure and I "believe in" going to the super market, filling my basket, then leave without paying "full retail price" for it. It should occur to you that super markets would quickly go out of business in that case and musicians would stop publishing music.
  • This is theft of service unless the owner of the music approves the free download.
  • No. The alternative is online streaming, which is typically legal (though note - if the source web site were located in your nation it might NOT be legal, it typically IS legal in its own nation, and thus is probably legal for you to use).
  • The artist need to be paid.
  • Only certain full movies that can be downloaded from YouTube for free and put on a laptop. Movies that are only available on DVD or Blu-ray should be legally bought and the same with music on CDs or iTunes Store
  • music yes as we were encouraged to come online with free music from memory

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