• Not as long as he is a gentleman, and keeps his hands to himself until you are at the age of consent. This works out kind of nicely for you both. You will have time to build a friendship before you start anything else.
  • yes because you can not legally date a guy that is over 16 until you are legally 17 years old .
  • If you're in the UK no you and he wouldn't get into trouble. And even if it's dating only with no hanky panky, no one will get into trouble. Really though, if you did have sex, and it was found out. It's crazy the boy would get into trouble. I mean he's only 3 years older for crying out loud!
  • It all really depends on where you live. just look up age laws in (insert whatever you are from) and look at multiple links. there are lots of different laws out there.
  • That's still not okay in the U.S until the girl is at least 18 years of age. Speaking of the weddings we have and having sex, you need to wait until you're 18, and preferably:25. If adopting a child is your plan, no problem in that area, but you're still growing!!! Having a marriage is nothing like having a friend. Instead, you're exhausted nearly every day.
  • it really depends on the place you live and your parents. some places have a 3 years apart limit and some are just if you have sexual relations. but normaly if the parents are ok with it and your not having sex I think it would be fine. personally i think there is nothing wrong with it. me and my boyfriend are 3 years apart. and most the same sittuation.
  • ... laws vary world wide, so it will all depend on where you are ... in many countries, 16 is a child and as such, the 19 year old could be charged with pedophile related charges ... in other parts of the world 16 is a young adult that may already be legally married with children ...
  • I don';t think is bad..its only 3 years difference don't worse than u...i like someone who is 7 years for me 1-5 years is nothing...Well its different in cyprus...we dont take age so seriously Unless it bothers you...and i don't think you should either...If he is a good guy u should't care about the age stuff!!!!
  • If by dating you mean just seeing one another, who can prove anything. If he and you are having sex, you are walking a thin line and could get in big trouble.
  • Up to you
  • He could get in trouble if you are having sex, but if you save that until you are married, that would make it legal.
  • He is too old for you to date, dear. In Minnesota, as far as I know, if you at 16 it is illegal for anyone to have sex with you who is more than two years older than you.

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