• good question! But pope hood is really a matter of favoritism in the church. You can only be a man ( so more than half the member of the church arnt eligible). You must be at least a priest ( meaning fewer men who make the commitment to celibacy can do this). You then must be willing to undergo training and rise in the ranks. That takes years. be close to Europe. Wow.....
  • Actually, the answer above me is absolutely incorrect. S/He erroneously asserts that one must be a priest in order to be a Pope. This is not true. The only qualification required of a potential Pope is that he be a male and that he be baptized Catholic. Secondly: Yes there have been non-European popes. In fact, there have been three AFRICAN popes! Pope Victor I (189AD-199AD) Pope Miltiades (310AD-314AD) Pope Gelasius (490AD-496AD) Shortly after the Islamic conquest of Northern Africa, the likelihood of an African bishop (or Pope for that matter) decreased dramatically.

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